Happy 33rd Birthday Ryan Gosling! We Celebrate With Gifs!

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Ryan Gosling shades his pretty face from the paps.
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In honor of Ryan Gosling’s 33rd birthday today, we are republishing one of our most popular posts ever: 15 Reasons Why Ryan Gosling Is SO Much Better In Gif Form!

I mean, what is better than a photo of Ryan Gosling? A gif of Ryan Gosling.

While it is going to be a while before we see him on the big screen again, hopefully these gifs will get you through. Check out 15 our favorite Ryan Gosling gifs below. 

Look at me, I’m pretend driving.

Rowing is some serious business.

I’m dating a doll.

Excuse me, I’m a little verklempt.

I do it in kind of a circular motion.

Behold my abs.

Squint and crinkle.

Pretend running is like the best thing ever.

Then I go like this.

I give it one thumbs up!

Come on, bed me.

Did you just slap me?

I look cute when I giggle.

It’s all in the shoulders.