Happy 33rd Birthday, Tom Hiddleston! Check Out Some Of His Most Charming Moments…In GIFs!

Absolute Perfection
Tom is way too hot on Elle UK.
This Is...Peculiar
Tom Hiddleston gets a little creepy in his commercial.
Kind & Selfless
Tom surprises kids at a charity screening.
Today is Loki of Asgard’s birthday! Let’s go celebrate!

Okay, so it isn’t really Loki’s birthday, but it is Tom Hiddleston’s birthday! The handsome, charming, wonderful actor is turning 33 today!

I wonder how he’s celebrating. It wouldn’t surprise me if he happened to be doing something super sweet that benefited other people.

Below the cut check out some of the times he charmed us by just being himself! Make sure you let us your favorite Hiddleston moments in the comments below, too!

When he danced on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man and it was magical.


When he gave his jacket to a chilly reporter.


When he showed his snake hips and we melted.


The time he appeared on Sesame Street and literally worshipped the cookies.


When he asked someone for their marker or pen. Just pretend he’s asking you and it’ll make your day a-okay.


That time he gave the best advice ever.


When he brought soup for another reporter and our cold hearts melted.


That time he became the only boy in a girl group.


When he was just as excited to see his fans as they were to see him.


Tom, how do you feel about all of us?


Great, now apologize for making us all so excited.