Happy 30s: Claire Danes

Claire Danes
Leto's old co-star picked up another Golden Globe this year.
Pregnant Claire Danes
Pregnant Claire Danes goes shopping
Claire Danes At TCA Summer Tour
Claire Danes attends the 2013 TCA Summer Tour.
Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy
Claire Danes and hubby Hugh Dancy attend the 2012 Emmy's
Claire Danes is on another cover. This time it’s Glamour, the January issue that is.

Danes has been on a professional and personal rollercoaster and she’s happy about it… I like rollercoasters too but the kind at amusement parks.

In 2009 Claire married actor Hugh Dancy, in 2010 she won an Emmy for the HBO movie Temple Grandin. In 2011, she jumped back into television with Homeland, which she won 2 Emmy awards for, and in 2012 she gave birth to her son Cyrus.

The last 4 years has been a transformation period for Danes, a good transformation at that. We saw her go from innocent on My So-called Life to terrorists fighter Carrie Mathison on Homeland.

Glamour: I want to read a quote back to you from just after My So-Called Life days: “I’m 18, and I’m already thinking, You should’ve taken it slower. I’m reminiscing already: What am I going to be like when I really get old? Like when I’m 30.”

Claire Danes: Oh, Jesus!

Glamour: So what’s the answer? What are you like now that you’re, as you said, really old?

CD: Well, not too different. I’m happier in my thirties. I feel clearer about who I am and less apologetic about it, and more accepting of my limitations and also more aware of the ways in which I’m capable. I was always looking forward to this time because people talk about it in very romantic terms. And I think it’s true. Gravity hasn’t had too profound of an effect, and you’re a little less emotionally gangly. The twenties are a deceptively challenging-slash-painful time. I’m just glad to be out of that phase.

To check out the full interview, you can pick up a copy of Glamour’s January issue when it hits stands December 10.