Happy 29th Birthday Zac Efron! We Celebrate with a Handsy Zac!

We’ve posted so many incredible photo galleries over the years, and in honor of Zac Efron’s 29th birthday, here is one of our faves from April 8, 2012!

Here is what we wrote back them:

Well hello there Mr. Zac Efron! The uber hottie — seriously, have you seen his biceps? — was spotted down under and not wearing much up over. Zac, who is currently on his press tour for The Lucky One, took advantage of the Australian sun to get some work done on his balcony. Thank Zeus he enjoys doing it shirtless.

So Australia, huh? Clearly that’s where sparkly shirted Zac was headed yesterday. And you know, usually I tell boys to pull up their pants when I can see their ass and underwear hanging out, but for Zac, I make an exception. Also! Photos of Zac in his tight, black underwear. Also, also, apparently Zac choose to adjust himself by sticking his hand in his pants. Party!

Launch the gallery to check out all the sexy, shirtless photos. Trust me, Mr. Efron will not disappoint. I mean, how can he? Hot, shirtless, sipping on orange juice, playing with his iPad: all of these things are sexy! Well done, Zac, well done.