Happy 24th Birthday, Emma Watson! Celebrate With 15 Reasons Why We Love Her!

Emma rocks the red carpet in Madrid for the 'Noah' premiere.
Cover Girl
Emma talks kissing boys and growing up famous with Elle.
Comedic Actress
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If you’ve been an avid fan of Emma Watson since she first started out as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, the celebration of her turning 24 probably makes you feel old.

It feels like just yesterday the stunning actress was appearing in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Now she’s a big star who has been on a press tour for Noah. Oh, and now she has to talk about why she doesn’t land certain, more mature roles.

Her humbleness and beauty are just a couple of reasons why we love her. I think you need to see some of the other reasons as well.

1. She keeps it real and is proud.

2. This adorable face.

3. One time she hit Seth Rogan in the face and it was awesome.

4. She also looked precious while trying to fit a graduation cap on her head.

5. She knows she’s a real Danger Mouse.

6. Emma looked adorable (maybe) reenacting a scene from Dirty Dancing.

7. Somehow she managed to pull of this casual, messy look that resembles how I look when I wake up in the morning.

8. Both she and Daniel Radcliffe looked adorable while training for the  ballet.

9. She made you feel really sad when Hermione had to wipe her parents’ memories. But you suffered and were happy about it.

10. She become easier to relate to when we realized she has had a bad experience in life too.

11. She’s the cutest chav/gangster ever.

 12. She provided us with one of the most treasured movie lines ever. So remember…

13. She gave us with another way to relate to her.

14. She has that whole angelic thing down pat. 

15. Last, but certainly not least, she loves us right back. And that’s so important.

Happy Birthday, Emma! Have fun celebrating all of your successes!