Happiness Drove Nicole Richie To Drugs

March 28th, 2006 // 35 Comments

The poor thing’s happy childhood drove Nicole Richie to drug addiction. She claims she didn’t want to feel anything. I’m a little confused. She took drugs to not feel happy. Al-righty then.

The star – who has previously claimed to have gone through hell growing up – now says it was being spoilt by her adoptive dad Lionel Richie that pushed her over the edge.

She revealed: “I had a pretty fun childhood, but I just wanted to feel nothing. “It wasn’t that it was horrible and I wanted to feel better. I just didn’t want to feel anything.”

“Doing drugs kind of made me just forget and not feel anything, for a second. I think it’s a combination of things. Partly just me wanting to be older – it’s what the older kids were doing at the time. But the ‘Simple Life’ star doesn’t think being brought up in Hollywood is an excuse for her experimenting with narcotics in her teens. Nicole confessed to Tatler magazine: “I could easily say yes it was, but people also have drug problems in Kansas. “So I don’t know whether, if I had lived somewhere else, it would have been a problem. I’d say it probably would have been, not matter where I grew up.”
How many of you knew that there are people in Kansas who have drug problems? Nicole is so wise.

More photos of Nicole Richie from her Seventeen magazine photo shoot, after the jump.

Nicole Richie Drug Problems Due To ‘Happy’ Childhood [Female First]

(Images via Limelight.org)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Now that she’s so skinny, looking at this pictures, almost feels like I’m looking at kiddy porn. Someone give that girl a tub of lard!

  2. tia

    In a way I understand what she meant by not wanting to feel the happiness. Sometimes everything just feels so surreal and your like is this really me ?? Do I even deserve this ?? So when you feel nothing at all its like you have nothing to worry about. There also just like Nicole said is no excuse for her behavior, but in her situation she prolly felt that was her way out. She may be rude and super skinny, but I will always like her more than Paris.

  3. Girly Girl

    Awww, look at the one of Nicole on the floor (after the jump).

    The poor little rich girl was so hungry she fell down the stairs and can’t get up…

    I just want to snap her in 2, ungrateful little bitch… I think my children weighed more when they were born than she does now…

  4. Small Fry

    I only wish I had her problems. Adopted by a super rich musician and getting anything your heart desires……..so heartbreaking.

    Lawgirl, more like looking at a Sally Struthers commercial for save the children. I agree though, she needs a big ol tub o lard.

  5. Nicole Richie used drugs to not feel anything?

    If her goal was to “not feel anything”, it would’ve been a lot easier to just run her hand over her chest.

  6. lzornow

    Nicole has her ring back on!

  7. Kelsey

    Man, I have eaten things that weigh more than she does!!

  8. Katie

    I’d say her use of drugs has something to do with the fact that she was adopted, felt abandoned on an unconscious level and didn’t like herself. Low self-esteem, nothing original there.

  9. Julie

    Its more likely she was just bored. When you can have whatever you want and don’t have to work for anything, well, I guess abusing your body with drugs and lack of food is the only thing left.

  10. C

    Who cares? I still like her better than Paris “that’s hot” Hilton. Nicole has more personality in her little pinky than Paris has in her whole body. She carried the Simple Life shows. Without her, it would have been BORING. She instigated everything. Paris is the one who’s ungrateful.

  11. lollipop

    here’s the thing…i STILL don’t get what she’s famous for. can someone explain this to me? lionel richie is SO a tiny, way minor celeb… she and kimberly stewart and, yes, paris hilton — what do they DO other than shop and get wasted and fuck around? hey… seriously, it mystifies me that there’s now this trend of trying to outstupid and outskinny and outsnort each other. maybe this isn’t anything new?

  12. Madge

    I have a 14 year old niece that reads Seventeen, and it really bothers me that they are using these pictures! How can we promote positive body image when our kids are looking at this? She looks like a famine victim! Maybe Angelina should take her on as a project.

  13. my2cents

    There goes that lollipop, head too big for her body look again!…

  14. Girly Girl

    Madge, 1 in 5 college women have an eating disorder. You are absolutely correct to be disturbed by the crap we put in front of our kids… I’m with you 100%. Though homewrecker Jolie ain’t much better…

    And C, did you not read Nicole’s ‘poor little me’ story. Paris is obnoxious, sure, but by god she gets her bony ass to every party and in front of every camara to keep her gaunt face in the tabloids. Richie on the other hand wants to bemoan having a great childhood- which, peeps, remember her real mother is a crack whore who used to sing for Richie and thats how he adopted whinyass- he knew she was being neglected… I think they should have thrown her into juvy and then the foster care system just like everyone else. One of her purses could feed 20 kids for a week.

    And she actually has the balls to say she had to do drugs because life was so good? Give me a f#ckin break.

  15. Alyson

    She’s a pretty girl, but even her feet are too skinny. Her FEET. How do you get skinny FEET??

  16. MGolden

    actually, states like kansas and nebraska do have a crystal meth problem. so she’s not completely retarded. only partially brain dead from her body using her brain as food.

  17. PleaseThink

    Nicole looks great. All you haters would trade places with her in a minute. I have been looking at past Simple Life episodes and she is the one who actually makes the show. It is her that causes the show to be interesting

  18. Cynthia

    No, she got into drugs because she is STUPID! Yes, we take crap like this dumbass, and her dumb friends and parade them around as something for kids to aspire to! How crazy is that? She is a dumbass, drug addicted, ungrateful, eating disordered bitch! Completely useless.

  19. PleaseThink

    Oh and Cynthia your so perfect they should grow up to be like you — Bitter.

  20. Kelsey


    How about you think!

    She looks like a skeleton! Are you Pro-Ana or something cuz my god, that’s not healthy!! She is not something that kids should aspire to be. As stated before, 1/5 college girls have eating disorders and it’s because these pictures of these impossibly thin “celebs” are plastered all over the place that we have girls making themselves throw up and/or starve themselves. And it happens because people like you say that she looks great!

    This kind of body image needs to stop. One solution that would be nice is that they should get rid of airbrushing. I think that would do wonders for a lot of people looking at magazines. It would give people a more realistic idea of what these celebs actually look like.

    Anyone else have any ideas?

  21. Silasdog

    Uh, Pleasethink, with all due respect (which is more than you gave Cynthia), Ritchie is a self-centered, ungrateful, whining, bubble-headed, cry-baby, drug-gobbling twit who thinks the world revolves around her skinny ass. Girly Girl & SmallFry have nailed it. I’m sick of people like her making excuses for why they do drugs. If she’s bold enuff to go on TV and play the slut, then be bold enuff to admit why you’re doing the drug – because you want to get high -you dig the head, you like the effects of the drugs, that’s the freaking bottom line. Stop being an emaciated hypocrite. What a phoney.

  22. Girly Girl

    Kick Ass KELSEY!!!!

    And Cynthia, don’t pay any attention to PleaseThink. Obviously, the dumbass doesn’t. Its probably just one of Nicole’s starving hanger-on-ers waiting for hand-me-down dresses…

  23. doofus

    amen, kelsey. or should I say “beauty!”. :)

    she looks like a prepubescent boy. stick arms and no chest to speak of. plus, to be completely honest, I think they photo-shopped her arms to make them look meatier. In paparazzi (read: UNTOUCHED) shots, she looks even thinner.

    to “please think”…

    there’s no need to get snotty with Cynthia. I don’t think she’s claiming to be perfect, just that Nicole is NOT the greatest of role models. Honestly, in what way do YOU think she’s a good role model?

    would I trade places with her? not so sure…in the sense that I wouldn’t mind being taken from a crack-addict mother and adopted by a HUGELY rich singer/songwriter…that’s not so bad, but I still don’t think I’d trade places with her. with all that fame comes monumental problems. personally, (and you probably won’t believe me, but…) I’m pretty happy with who I am.

    Can’t remember where I heard it, but someone once said to me “if everyone went into a room and dumped their problems onto the floor, you’d be scrambling to pick yours back up before someone else grabbed them.” Point is, EVERYONE’S life sometimes looks better than yours, but looks can be deceiving.

  24. pook

    ppl like her annoy me. She has everything in the world but in seatd of being happy, being productive to society, and sharing what she has through charity she behaves like an idiot. When rich ppl get bored they invent stuipd problems like drugs and anorexia for themselves. No Nicole, i dont feel sorry for you, i wont buy your book, and i dont think you even belong in the pages of any magazine. I think you should start being grateful for everything that you have and stop bugging me with stuipd confessions like this.
    peace out

  25. it mystifies me that these girls are famous for being famous. as for this poor little nothing, maybe her parents were addicts or she has addictive behavior in her dna – who knows? but regardless i wish she’d go away and take paris, lindsay, tara, etc. with her

  26. Cynthia

    Uh, PleaseThink, maybe you should try to think a little harder (if you can). First of all, it is you’re bitter, not your bitter. And no, I am not bitter at all. Money does not solve everything. Most of us ‘normal’ people could probably use a little extra cash, but look what happens to these people who are ‘blessed’ with all that wealth–they are not even living in reality. They seem to have no goals, no sense, no anything.
    I do not watch tv, I have better things to do with my limited time. But recently, at a friend’s house, I was clicking through channels on the remote and came across reruns of that wonderful show, “The Simple Life”. Just a few minutes of watching those retarded dumbasses act like complete morons was enough to make me want to toss my cookies. It was disgusting, not entertainment. But at least I am old enough to distinguish between what some people think of as entertainment, and that which should be aspired to. And teen and pre-teen kids can not tell the difference. No, we definitely do not need any more young people starving themselves to look like this. I don’t care how good some people think it looks, seeing someone’s bones poking through their skin is NOT attractive! If my dogs and horse were this skinny, my ass would be in jail for abuse!
    This twit (and Paris, and Kim ‘I’m really a transvestite’ Stewart, etc.) have the money and the media attention to change some of the wrongs in the world, to help worthy causes, etc., but instead, they waste their time on starvation diets, getting drunk and high, and other stupid stunts. They have no idea about anything other than getting their pictures taken and they don’t care. They are worthless human beings who have no purpose, other than to be paid even more money for more stupid stunts.
    No, I do not have their cash flow, nor do I need it. But I do have a purpose and do make a difference in the world, even if it is a small one, and that is worth way more than their million$.

  27. Hailie

    I do not know what is so wrong with nicole, sure she is skinny, but do you automatically hate every girl you see in the mall that you think is too skinny. There is nothing wrong with her being famous either. She wasn’t famous before the simple life, and she has also written a bestseller. she may not be the most talented person in hollywood but she has probably done more than a lot of people! she was big enough to admit drug use and get help, more that alot of hollywood starlets! i do not think she is on drugs again, i just think she has an addictive personality and uses lack of food to control something, and has a eating problem like many non famous people today that you dont bash! what gives yall the right to say she is on drugs, when the only thing you have to go on is weight loss, that could be casued by anything. oh, i do hate paris

  28. PleaseThink

    Oh I am sorry I didn’t know you all knew her so well that you are able to pass judgement or that you were so perfect. You don’t know anything about her but what the tabloids print to sell papers. And as far as she is doing nothing I guess she is, she is on a TV show. Maybe that is what she wants to do. Because you don’t agree don’t hate on her. It is a free country. I don’t know her but think it is pretty sad that you all pass judgement without knowing her. And Cynthia if you have so much better things to do why do you know so much about these stars? Oh you don’t watch TV but you read all the celeb. blogs. I guess if your day job doesn’t work out you can always be a spell checker. Smooches!!!

  29. Unknown

    Y’all sure get worked up over a bunch of dumb celebrities! These blogs are fun to read but who really gives a crap about any of these people?

  30. angel

    I had someone say i look like nicole r. before except that im the bigger built version haha

  31. las

    My hamster had more body fat than she did. He ate more, too.

  32. tupac

    she did not write that book. she is too messed up on smack to write it. sorry to say this but she looks like she just got of a concentration camp. that kind of creeps me out.

  33. well, she did NOT say that she was happy.
    think about it. she just says it was not only that. the photos are AMAZING. but she’s so tiny…

  34. countessa

    I think she looks absolutely breathtaking and I am not her biggest fan. As a small boned woman that has been subject to the same “gain weight” comments.. she looks better now than ever. Implants may help balance her. Not Pam Anderson ones but just a little. She looks far better than with the baby fat

  35. I like the pic of her on the black and white floor… my blog has one of me just like it! http://oregonstate.edu/~allstote/?p=50 LoL!!!

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