Hania Barton Likes Mixing Fashion with Near Unconsciuosness

October 31st, 2007 // 11 Comments

Hania Barton, troubled sister of the former “O.C.” star, Mischa Barton, has been hitting Hollywood fashion events three sheets to the wind. First, she was barred from walking the runway in designer Daniel Darhan’s fashion show over the weekend by the designer himself when she showed up to the event wasted. Most recently, she was spotted by celebritybabylon.com looking “out of it” while attending the Troy Kingdom fashion show at the Hollywood hot spot, Area. Reportedly, she could “barely stand up. Her legs were like jelly. She was literally chewing on her lower lip.” Yikes. But it looks like the worst of her offenses took place at this event, where she appears to have dressed like an old lady’s doll. Weird. And also, why are Mischa’s shoulders broken?

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

By Lisa Timmons

  1. peachpie

    she doesn’t really look all that drunk…. just like she’s … hmmm…. what my gram would call ‘a little slow’.

  2. jayboy

    Mischa Barton passed out at a pool party we threw in the Hamptons. We drew an alien around her snizz with a green sharpie. Halfway through she said, “Make him holding a joint” and then passed out again.

  3. Blue Velveeta

    Christ there are 2 of these idiots?

  4. Tennille

    Why is it okay to mock children with drug problems?

    She looks like she’s looking at fashion. Are we all so desperate for drama that we pretend to see things that arent really there. This site is lame. My first and last visit. PEACE.

  5. Menocu

    This kid is a model? her teeth are yellow and crazy looking. How do these sisters get invited to stuff?

  6. It’s ok to mock all celebrities, from A list down to D list like the Barton sisters.

  7. nastybugger

    eesh…it’s gotta be tough when your sister is a LOT prettier than you are, and is also more famous.

    she needs a teeth bleaching and a nose job. well, she doesn’t NEED those things, unless she wants more work as a model/actress.

  8. ...


  9. MadBull

    I think she’s cute.

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