Handy Manny/Fez/Mandy Deflower-er/ Designer?

Wilmer Valderrama is setting his sights on the world of fashion. As I roll my eyes at the thought of a Fez inspired collection of pants so tight you can see Wilmer’s religion clearly, the word via DNR asserts the collection will have nothing to do with his sex starved 70’s character.

He is reportedly “setting his sights on the young men’s fashion market.” So women can breath a sigh of relief as his translation of a tube top will not hit runways. The clothes will be “Latino inspired” and the plan is to go with an up-market street chic look. The label already has been named “Calavena.” What it means, I don’t know but there is a city near Verona called Calavena.

Either way I am sure the clothing will have knock-offs found in Mexico on a donkey cart next to the faux Versace sunglasses and sombreros.

*NOTE- In no way do I have ill feelings for the good people of Mexico. It is simply a fact that you can by knock off products in Mexico and my personal shopping experience in buying said sunglasses was in fact from a donkey cart that featured sombreros. Much love to Mexico, the people, and their wonderful products.


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