Hallmark Channel’s ‘William & Catherine’ Won’t Recreate The Royal Wedding [VIDEO]

Oh GAAAHHHD, it’s happening again.  Another American network is trying to recreate the magical romance betwixt Their Royal Highnesses, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  This time it’s the Hallmark Channel that will air William & Catherine: A Royal Romance later this month.  The saddest part?  Jean Smart and Victor Garber will play Camilla and Prince Charles, respectively.  That’s like watching Barbra Streisand appear as a contestant on Dancing With The Stars.  Are things really that bad for you two that you need to resort to a crap Hallmark Channel movie about the royal family?  You’re better than this!

Ann St. Clair, who will play Catherine in the made-for-tv-movie, told People that everything in the script is factual, including a game of Wii the Duchess plays with Queen Elizabeth II.  Oh, bother.  And St. Clair will try to stay true to herself while playing the former commoner.  “A lot of it was using my own experiences about being a 20-year-old,” ASC said.  I didn’t try too hard to mimic her.”

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What won’t be covered in the story is the royal wedding itself (thank heavens).  “We didn’t do those scenes, luckily,” St. Clair, at the Summer TCA tour in Beverly Hills July 27th, said. “I don’t think you can repeat her ‘performance’ at the wedding.”  Like the Lifetime biopic that came before, this gem will only cover William and Catherine’s relationship before the big day.

Fun fact: St. Clair’s father is head of security for the royal family.

Of course I’ll watch it.