Halle Berry Without Child

August 16th, 2007 // 3 Comments

The gorgeous car accident fleeing Halle Berry is denying pregnancy rumors. She’s seeing a male model and those two would probably make some stunning children. According to her camp, it’s not happening.

Halle Berry’s manager has slammed a report out today, claiming Halle is two months pregnant with boyfriend Gabriel Aubry’s child.

In reference to the National Enquirer’s “Halle Berry Pregnant At Last” story, Halle’s Los Angeles-based manager Vincent Cirrincione told 24Sizzler.com Wednesday afternoon, the report is “not true” and Halle is not pregnant.

Seriously, that hypothetical baby could probably have given Shiloh a run for her money. And then – what if hypothetical Halle Berry baby and Shiloh got together and had a baby in 2025? Meet your Godhead! To interrupt with some snark – have any of you actually watched “Catwoman”? As a comics fan, I was appalled. As a gay man who appreciates unwitting camp and terrible movies – I was overjoyed. She fights Sharon Stone who’s been made indestructible through application of tainted foundation and moisturizer. AND there’s this whole disco sequence wherein Halle does a dance with her Cat-whip in colored lights much to the delight of club-goers. Seriously, it makes “Xanadu” look like a Merchant-Ivory production. Tremendous.

By J. Harvey

  1. nancypants

    If that lady wants babies with her OWN eggs, she’d better “get on it”, so to speak. Clock’s a tickin’ and, yes, she and her boyfriend would have gorgeous kids.

  2. e

    Well, National Enquier was right about Nicole Richie.

  3. PlasticSurgery

    The only problem with people who have had plastic surgery is that their offspring won’t look like their current self.

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