Halle Berry Was Depressed

Hasn’t she already told this story to People? I want to hear a story about how she went after the guy who made her partially deaf with a friggin’ cleaver! That’s a story to tell and re-tell. Preferably at Christmas! Halle Berry’s talking about how she did that thing with the motor running and the closed garage . But then she got the script for “Catwoman” and everything was ok.

Berry, 40, admits to Parade magazine that she tried to gas herself when her fiery union to Atlanta Braves baseball star David Justice collapsed, but pulled out at the last minute.

“I was sitting in my car, and I knew the gas was coming when I had an image of my mother finding me,” she tells the magazine.

The image of her stoic mother Judith, now 67, was enough to snap the blues out of Berry. “She sacrificed so much for her children, and to end my life would be an incredibly selfish thing to do. It was all about a relationship. My sense of worth was so low,” Berry says. “I promised myself I would never be a coward again.”

She’s 40? Holy shite! Damn, she looks good. And by the way – “fiery union”? Were there comets coming out of their orifices? “Fiery union”. Was it Cyclops and Jean Grey? “Fiery union”. Please, he was a dumb jock and she was a B-actress…a lit match at most. “Fiery”. Spare us. *annoyed eye-roll*


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