Halle Berry To Shave Her Head For ‘Nappily Ever After’ Role

April 20th, 2009 // 8 Comments

Her signature look is a close-cropped, super-short do, but Halle Berry is set to go even shorter with her hair for an upcoming role in the film Nappily Ever After. The Oscar winner, who’s sporting a medium-length bob with golden-brown highlights will shave off all her hair on screen.

“I’m scared to death,” the actress confessed. “I just hope my reaction fits into the story. If it’s uncontrollable
screaming, it might be a different type of movie.”

She should be more excited. This means we get to go wig shopping! Let’s call Tyra Banks!

Gallery Info: Halle Berry
on the red carpet for the 2009 Jenesse Silver Rose Gala & Auction.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Patsup

    I think if I was a performer shaving my head would be the hardest thing…even more than nudity. It might be something I’d refuse to do. Nudity, afterall, is just using more of your body in performance than usual. But shaving your head can be irreversable. There’s anecdotal evidence that hair sometimes doesn’t grow back the same again. That would scare me. And it’s so unnecessary… so often only part of the film’s publicity.

  2. Peach

    She’ll look great…. no matter what!!!



  4. please

    it is only hair… it will grow back

  5. Shae

    I think she should do it…if she pulls it off she one of the best fremale actress of all time….

  6. John

    Many beautiful women look good with a shaved head.
    Some women fashion models and women rock singers shave their heads and some of them look sensational.
    Halle is very feminine and will look very beautiful with her bald look, especially if she wears a sexy dress and a pair of long earrings with her smooth bald head,

  7. Whogdxwk

    eOOSma comment1 ,

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