Halle Berry & Sarah Michelle Gellar Dump William Norris

Don’t mess with Buffy and Catwoman. They don’t have time for unflattering remarks, and they have huge Hollywood egos.

Sarah wasn’t too thrilled about the remarks that the William Morris Agency President, David Wirtschafter, made about her in a lengthy New Yorker profile. Wirtschafter said Gellar was “nothing at all” before the success of the horror flick The Grudge. He apparently has forgotten about her years on Buffy, and her past feature film work: Scooby Doo, Cruel Intentions, She’s All That, and Lord of the Piercing.

While Halle Berry has a beef with the fact that Wirtschafter revealed some finance-related discussion that he had with Berry’s attorney.

“She will be treated as an investor in the film for the difference,” Wirtschafter is quoted as saying, “and for every dollar she invests she would get a dollar-fifty out of the gross until she recoups a hundred and fifty per cent [sic] of her investment.”

Wirtschafter also stated that the Catwoman star was willing to “give up a little money to get a good director or costar.”

Who wouldn’t give up a little money for a good director or costar. The fact that David Wirtschafter made public a star’s negotiating tactics, is kind of a deathwish.

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