Halle Berry Gives Us A Whiff Of ‘Reveal’

Halle Berry has unveiled her new fragrance in Hamburg, as seen above, for the new scent she calls ‘Reveal.’

As part of the launch, Jonas Akerlund directed an intimate interview capturing Halle’s insights of being a woman. She’s interviewed by actor Stephen Dorff (I don’t know either), who asks her a series of personal questions about love and life. Check out the clip after the jump!

The piece was edited so that it comes across more as a confession, with Berry adding, “It involved less acting than my other [commercials] because I got to be myself. I got to answer questions honestly, with my own sense of mystery, with my own wonderment about the world. I got to expose a part of my real self.”

Halle Berry – Reveal from SOLID on Vimeo.