Halle Berry Gets Private Ride Home With Police Escort

While I’m all about celebrities needing their privacy, et al, it seems that this whole adventure home from the spa for Halle Berry is a bit much.

First, her boyfriend Olivier Martinez decides to give her a ride home via his motorcycle. Ok, fine. That’s great. However, the pair then got a police escort home. Really? Why? I mean, I understand that they could get hounded by the paparazzi – but then don’t ride on a motorcycle?

Just seems like a pain (or waste) for police officers to have to escort celebrities home. I will give the couple this – they were certainly dressed for the biker part. 44-year-old Halle donned some skinny jeans, biker boots, leather jacket and a scarf while Martinez, also 44, warded off the rain in a heavy army green jacket and jeans.