Halle Berry Cuts Off Her Luscious Locks

May 23rd, 2009 // 4 Comments

Stunning movie star Halle Berry recently confessed that she planned to shave her head for an upcoming film role. So we’re guessing that her return to her trademark super-short do of days gone by is in preparation for the upcoming shearing.

Or maybe Halle decided at the last minute that a total head shaving was too extreme of a look for even her beautiful face to pull off.

Either way, she manages to look gorgeous no matter what look she’s sporting. She could walk around with a bucket on her head and still receive glances of envy.

Gallery Info: Halle Berry
shows off her new, short haircut at the Marriott Hotel in Marina Del Rey, California.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Ohsolittlemouse

    She just took her weave out!

  2. Anon02

    ^ Halle Berry has been growing her hair out since she won the Oscar. While at some points she has worn weaves…for the last few years, a lot of that was her real hair. Or do you think its impossible for someone to grow out their hair over a six year span? My goodness…

  3. tc

    still a weave… hate to inform you…

  4. Anon02

    ^ And what difference does it make? The woman still looks better with short hair, which is something a lot of women cant say. A lot of women need long hair to be attractive, she doesn’t. So again, what is your point? Some of you need to stop being so jelous of some of these people really, its just not that serious.

    And unless you were there sewing the weave in her head, you really dont know what was a weave and what wasn’t.

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