Halle Berry Celebrates Her ‘Essence’ with Black Ladies Luncheon

February 20th, 2009 // 13 Comments

The sexiest woman alive gets away with everything.  Yesterday Halle Berry showed up for the 2nd Annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon with some hairy-ass pits that hardly anyone even noticed because she looked so damn gorgeous otherwise. 

Showing off her J-Lo curves, the actress and low-maintenance mom attested to her love of iridescence in a shiny caramel dress with a giant bow (where it counts) accessorized with a croc clutch and matching peep-toe heels.  Girl knows how to throw some polish on top of that hippiedom!

Also attending the event, which celebrated the advances of black women in Hollywood, were Taraji P. Henson, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth and fellow Essence Magazine covergirl Kerry Washington.  Even some boys came out to support their sistas, including singer/actor Tyrese Gibson and music man Quincy Jones

Gallery Info: Halle Berry, Vivica A. Fox, Tia Mowry, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, Kim Coles, Kerry Washington, Audra McDonald, Lynn Whitfield, Sanaa Lathan, Tyrese Gibson, Diahann Carroll, Niecy Nash, Gina Torres, Nichelle Nichols, Mo Nique, Eva Marcille, Victoria Rowell and Taraji P. Henson at the 2nd Annual ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Luncheon.

By Laura Bulchis

  1. logan

    so, what is essence? nappy crotch hair as opposed to curly crotch hair? when will this country get over the black-white crap. who cares anymore! essence my ass. halle is just some chick with a darker tan.

  2. bianca

    like Halle Berry knows what it’s like to be a real black woman – yeah, sure.

  3. amy

    Someone has an interesting idea of what constitutes a “hairy ass armpit”. I had to break out my magnifying glass for that one, Sherlock.

  4. chiquitabanana

    I think the real nastiness are Monique’s Legs…

  5. chiquitabanana

    I think the real nastiness are Monique’s Legs…

  6. k

    Please. That’s about a day’s worth of stubble. And if men can walk around with hairy pits, women should have the exact same right without getting ridiculed.

  7. Czamoruz

    SOLsc0 comment4 ,

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  10. Kristein

    this in no way constitutes the comment “hairy ass pits”. this just looks like a quick shave job, or as the person above said, about a day’s worth of stubble. this isn’t even noteworthy.

  11. Tony

    I happen to absolutely LOVE a natural woman..Under arm hair included. I say let it GROW!!!

  12. omg

    she is beautiful

  13. tye

    her pits aren’t even hairy. it’s called underarm hyper-pigmentation common in allot of coloured people. Get over it, its not a big deal.

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