Halle Berry And Gabriel Aubry Custody Battle Makes Gabriel The Nanny?

When Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubrey split up they were supposed to be amicably handling the shared parental responsibilities of little Nahla Aubry. Radar Online claims that custody issues are getting heated.

Halle is scheduled to film in South Africa for three months and not having access to his daughter reportedly made Gabriel consider fighting for permanent custody. A source says that while the ex-couple agreed on joint custody, he hasn’t been able to see his daughter recently.

“It’s been pretty difficult for Gabriel to see Nahla the last few weeks,” a source tells RadarOnline.com.

“He’s really getting sick of it and it’s getting to the point where he is seriously considering his options regarding pursuing permanent custody.” We’ve been seeing Halle spending a lot of mother daughter time with Nahla lately, but it’s hard to imagine she blocked his visitation. But, hell I don’t know the chick. Apparently this new trip to South Africa has made things worse.

“Gabriel requested that he be allowed to keep Nahla with him in Los Angeles but Halle wouldn’t let that happen, so the two reached a total stalemate and it started getting nasty, with both of them looking into entering a legal battle,” the source said. The source claims they did reach an agreement outside of a legal battle. Halle will pay Gabrielle to come to South Africa for three month as sort of Nahla’s caregiver and live with them in her rented house, unless that doesn’t work out and she’ll rent him a place nearby. The source claims it’s not a reconciliation. “It is definitely 100% over between these two, and if it wasn’t for the fact of sharing a child together they would quite happily never see each other again.”

Analysis: Even if there was a heated custody battle, this solution sounds less real, more bad Julia Roberts flick.