Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry at the Soho Grand Hotel in NYC

January 23rd, 2006 // 66 Comments

Wow, what a yummy couple. If she’s looking to do some gardening with Gabriel Aubry, they’d surely make some beautiful babies.

Halle Berry is hankering after motherhood ahead of her fortieth birthday in August. “If there’s no serious man [in my life], whoever I’m dating at the time, I’ll say, ‘Hey, would you like to have a baby?’ she told Oprah Winfrey. Berry is currently dating her fellow Versace model, 30-year-old Gabriel Aubry.

More photos of Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry after the jump.

(Source: Vogue)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. QueenB

    He is gorgeous but I’m sorry…Halle Berry as a mother? Girl is too needy and whiny.

  2. Fugly Girl

    When they checked into the Soho did they ask for a room for one or two hours? She is such an idiot. Hi my name is Halle and I’d like to have a child out of wedlock and raise said child without the father because we all know that having only one parent in your life is best for baby. Ugh, when will Hollyweird get it right?

  3. Sith Lord

    Halle, I volunter my services…

  4. MC

    I love Halle and I think a child would totally center her. I just wish she would have the kid with Michael Ealy…I loved them together.

  5. B.L.

    There is nothing wrong with having a child out of wedlcok. Being married does not guarantee a healthy and well adjusted child. So, being in an umhelathy relationship and having a child is better than making the conscious choice (as a capable adult with numerous resources) to have a child on your own. So, if you aren’t married, you are just shit out of luck? So someone like me shouldn’t have children because it isn’t the right model of a family? I thought we were beyond that simple, reductive b.s. I hate stupid people. Oh yes, and the Hiltons are parents of the year.

    This likely will ground her, and will likely be exactly what she needs. And I can see her being an excellent mother. She has seen all of the ugliness out there, and will not be passive in trying to protect her child from it. That girl is going to be an amazing mother.

  6. Artemisia

    I agree with B.L.

    By the way, who uses that term anymore, “child out of wedlock”?

  7. tiger lily

    Acck? She’s dating my Gabriel? Noooooooooo!

  8. tocutetoscoot

    They are HOT! HOT! HOT! together….

    Work it out Halle!

  9. Fugly Girl

    So sorry for being old fashioned. Not saying that having a child out of wedlock (I don’t know how else you want me to describe it…no baby daddy or what?!) is the worst thing in the world. But you and I both know that grabbing whoever you are dating at the time and saying “let’s have a baby and I don’t care if you are any part of it’s life” is not the most ideal situation for the child. I’m not passing judgement here, just expressing my opinion of the situation. And BL, guess what, I hate stupid people too but I guess we each have a different definition of “stupid”, but until you’ve met me face to face don’t pass judgement. I’m not judging you for your opinions. Thanks much.

  10. YouGoGirl!

    Fugly Girl, you are stupid. You are living in the olden days and need to get yourself up to speed. The lady is rich, well rounded and ready to bring another human being into this world – assuming full responsibility. Half of the marriages fail anyway so why does it matter. Would it be better for her to marry someone she doesn’t really care for just so she can have a baby? Should all single, independent and successful women refrain from having a child just because there are far less worthy men these days then there were years ago?

    Grow up!

  11. I guess she gave up on Black men.

  12. anona

    I have to say I agree with Fugly Girl.Partly because she has a right to voice her opinion like everyone else and partly because I myself am single parenting and it’s tough. It would definently be easier with another person there, not to mention, bills, time, etc. spent. I think what Fugly girl was trying to say is that Halle’s purpose behind it is wrong. You should be in love before you just decide to have a child with anyone, married or not. I was not married when I had my daughter, but I definently was- and still am- in love.

    I hope Halle has a child with someone she loves, not with anyone who can supply the sperm.

  13. Taradash

    a face like his makes one want to have children

    poor dude

  14. Madi

    I think I’m in love. He is so hot!!! Halle has more sense than that..as long as the guy doesn’t cheat on her, beat her, and maybe even love her a little. If she scores 2 out of 3 she still good to go. Did I already mention how HOT he is?

  15. celebs are rich

    Halle has enough money to pay for the child’s needs, i would think, and I’m sure she could handle having a nanny as well. i don’t think raising a child is the same for them as it is for us.

  16. Those pictures are fake… Why are there no shadows on the ground at all?

  17. mike oxlong

    There is no flash because of the proper use of flash devices. and LOL! Ooops I thiought the same thing. I doesn’t matter why stick to one race when you can enjoy them all.

  18. Fugly Girl

    Thanks Anona for backing me up. You got my idea exactly. I see nothing wrong with single parenting, in fact my husband came from a one parent home (his abusive, alcoholic father left when he was four) and he and his siblings are the most loving and caring people I know. All I’m saying is at the end of the day it’s easier for everyone if there are two loving parents involved in the child’s life and not just some sperm donor. And yes, she can afford nannies to help, but a nanny doesn’t necessarily replace the love and support of the missing parent. And to prior comments made, no I don’t think it’s good for the child to have two parents who don’t love each other and are fighting all the time. That goes without saying. It’s Halle’s life and she can do what she wants, but last time I checked most of the comments on this site were ripping on celebs. I apologize if I’ve offended anyone with my comments.

  19. PleaseThink

    Any guy wishes he was the guy in the picture and all the girls are hatin’ because they can’t be Halle in the picture. Maybe she just wants to have sex with him and that is it. Maybe she is trying out the guys first before she picks the father. Just because they screwed doesn’t mean she is trying to have a baby right now. God, give her a break and let her get her freak on.

  20. Call me old fashioned, I don't care

    Being married before you get pregnant is really the way to go. It shows that you’re not trying to entrap the guy and that he genuinely cares about you. If you get pregnant before you get married it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll split up.

    And, it’s horribly low class to just have babies without fathers. But then we’re talking about Halle here, and she’s not exactly classy. Neither is Gwyneth either.

  21. ASHLEE

    If you knew anything about Halle she isnt planning on getting married again..I think any fine man that she does have a baby with will help w/ the child whether they are together or not I mean look at her and when she does have a kid it will be gorgeous..Thats fine that some of you are old fashioned but halle isnt and I doubt she really cares on your views. She is her own person who would be able to care and provide for a child Stop all the hating

  22. Truth

    Halle and Gabriel make a very beautiful and sexy couple. If they did have children, they would be physically perfect.

  23. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    both look pale with no shadow, Halle’s long black coat, a man with sleak hair called GABRIEL, and Halle’s cross -are you thinking what I’m thinking…..yes thats right….THEY’RE VAMPIRES!

  24. boop

    I would have dropped

    eh…what was that guys name she “was” dating…?

    the one with not combed hair? yeah, I would have dropped him too!

  25. step

    Halle needs to settle down and take her time, you would never know that they were a couple.. looks like she’s trying to chase him down. Halle Berry come on I would be holding her so close that there would be no doubt..if for no other reason he should slow down just to be be a gentlemen.

  26. What's wrong with America?!

    I’m just so sick and tired of everyone trying to live up to the Hollywood lifestyle. What has Hollywood every done for you? Entertainment! The End! I don’t care who goes out with who, who has a third or thirty-third marriage, who gets married after dating two weeks and who gets divorced because they realized they were married! There’s more to life than glitz and glamour. Humans are a fickle people here today and gone tomorrow. I wish that entire unwholesome and immoral lifestyle that originated with Hollywood, CA and New York, NY stop. It’s damaging families and the country as a whole. It starts with you America…make it happen!

  27. Larry

    He needs to buy new shoes.

  28. mj23

    what’s up with the shoes?

  29. Canada Rules!

    Gabriel is soooo sexy! Halle is lucky :) –not that he isn’t. and whoever made the comment about his shoes being scuffed, all i can say is that, just because the guy now lives in over-polished New York, he still has his laidback Canadian style. His Montreal insouciance tells him: “I’m hot; “f” wasting time on polishing my shoes. That type of effort is for ugly people.”

  30. nursesandra

    they’re all screwed up.

  31. nursesandra

    I don’t know what it is with these people…just because they are rich and famous they think that they can bring a child into this world and raise it without a father or mother…I am a nurse in a children’s hospital and there are a lot of kids that are messed up when a parent is missing…sure she is rich, but money doesn’t and never has bought happiness…she’s a severe diabetic and should also consider her health as well as the baby’s…she could go into a diabetic coma and never wake up, then that leaves the child with NO parents…the baby could inherit her diabetes and have to live a life of being on insulin…if she has a boy, he would want to know where his father is and why no one ever took him to a ball game or hockey game…I see it everyday so don’t tell me that what she’s thinking of doing is okay…it would be like telling a child they were conceived in a test tube…”Oh your dad was only a sperm donor, I didn’t need him beyond that”…but the child does…there are things that a boy can’t talk to his mother about and vice versa…what about genetic diseases? She would have to know about them in case the child becomes very sick in the future…STOP and think of the child before filling your own needs…the child deserves a life with two parents…I love Halle Berry…I think she is one of the most beautiful women in the world but I would hope she is as smart as she is beautiful…and the guy she is thinking of having a baby with is HOT too, but those are not good enough reasons…she can love a child, I’m sure, but would a child ever forgive her for bringing him/her into this world without the love of both parents…I could never have seen myself without either one of my parents…THINK about it people.

  32. bestdress

    I’ll have children with Halle…all she has to do is call me. THAT IS A BEAUITFUL WOMAN!

  33. yellowbastard

    Can you say PHOTOSHOP?

  34. m

    there’s no need to over-populate the planet.

  35. Kelly

    Did Halle ever say she didn’t want the child to know its father??? I don’t think so. Just because they aren’t married doesn’t mean the baby will grow up messed up. I know PLENTY of people who grew up with both parents who seem to be a little nutty. This woman obviously wants to have a child to love. She is almost 40 years old! If I were in her situation I would probably want to do the same thing. She is intelligent and RICH as hell! I am pretty sure she can make that decision for herself. Who are you to judge??? Oh! and by the way, just b/c she is a diabetic doesn’t mean she isn’t entitled to have a baby if she wants one. You took biology classes and you should know that there is a 50% chance her child will be born w/ diabetes. I’d take that gamble. Life is tooooooo precious. Many people live long productive lives that have diabetes. I am sure she would give that child the world. STOP JUDGING!!!

  36. Ann

    Gabrriel is unbelievably hot, and Halle is so gorgeous, those 2 make one perfect/hot couple.

  37. izzy

    Oh, my god, can you say beautiful? Come on…if these two were to really make it serious and in the long run have a child…holy shit, what a beauitful child they would make together. Sure would give brad and angelina a run for there up coming perfect looking child. Oh and by the way, i feel that there should be no problem with single parents wanting to adopt or someone having a child out of wedlock.

  38. CHIEF

    HALLE is a SELL OUT!!!!!!!

  39. georg - gia

    You go girl,you know you are worth it.
    You were just wasting your time before,
    I think you just hit the lottery!

  40. Nuff Said

    “child out of wedlock” = bastard

    …nuff said

  41. relkha

    How is she a sellout? She’s half white herself. same difference.

  42. December25

    I agree with Fugly Girl…

  43. Nunya Biz

    I think Mr. Aubry is just dating Halle for added exposure. He see’s how much attention is focused on celeb couples and he wanted in on it. He’s a nice lookin YOUNG cat and believe me, he is not finished sowing his oats. Halle better not put her whole heart into Mr. Aubry, because I have a feeling he’ll be cheating on her left and right, and will disappear after the buzz dies down.

  44. Nunya Biz

    Oh yeah, I think Halle would make a great mom, but I don’t recommend just having a baby by whomever, just to have one. But hey, she’s a grown woman, she can do what she wants to.

  45. Nunya Biz

    …and why is he walking so far ahead of her in the photos posted above? It’s like she can barely keep up with him. How rude.

  46. Goddess

    Why is it that people who are emotionally f’d up always want to have kids? Women who have children outside a committed marriage do so for purely selfish reasons. They have no one’s best interest at heart except their own. Given that, how could someone who puts their own needs/desire before a childs be a good mother? Get real. These needy, irrational women simply pass on their emotional issues and instabilities to their children …. and the cycle continues. If being a mother is really the desire rather than ultimate selfish fulfillment than adopt! There are enough f’d up kids being raised by f’d parents.

  47. Stella Debois

    I dont think Halle is a sell out for not dating a black man. As someone else has pointed out she is half white.

    However, it still shouldnt matter if she was 100% black and dated a white man. How would anyone like if Cameron Diaz dated a black man and someone said she was a sell out. That would be seen as a racist comment. I dont think the person who made the sell out comment was racist, but I do think its peoples choice to only date someone of their race, and others to date anyone regardless of race.

  48. Wisernow- I think so many comments have valid points. I’m in Halle’s corner as an actress, however, I feel desperation is causing her to make unwise decisions out of fear. She’s just not thinking clearly right now. I agree with the other comments that say Gabriel is sticking around for publicity exposure. His body language in the pictures don’t indicate he’s nurturing to Halle. Maybe she needs to see Dr. Phil!! Maybe he can help her arrive at her real issue.

  49. MARY

    Cease Judging
    Halle and Aubry goes well together and if she wants to have a child with will be super and I think after a child with Auby will allow him to see the things autremment it will be a splendid child whom God blesses you Halle
    Cease Judging to look before your situation you are nobody to judge
    Halle have your child with Aubry is the best choice I LOVE YOU

  50. Micha

    Actually I found Michael Ealy very handsome, after reading about him and finding out how educated is is it made him even more attractive. It hair was a culture thing he chose to wear. By the way the man on CSI is also fine with his hair style. Dont hate the black man because he chosse to wear his hair his way.I dont blame him if he dont want to be a sperm donor for Halle. However Halle appears to have her own issues and concerns, so having a baby is the least of her problems. I am not jealous of any one and if she want a baby by the first thing willing to have one with her good luck. Hope the child has better luck than Halle did as a child.

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