Halle Berry Better Shop Quickly, Lest Sharon Stone Find Her

January 8th, 2008 // 6 Comments

Halle Berry, looking well-accessorized and pregnant, is now talking about how she still has love for “Catwoman,” the infamous cinematic dud in which she starred. As you may remember, Halle very graciously accepted the honor of “Worst Film of the Year” for the film, but still maintains that “it was one of the best movies ever.”

According to Halle, the movie’s downfall ended up being Sharon Stone’s character. “I thought that we needed a better villain, but I was outnumbered in that area.” I don’t know if I agree, since I do find Sharon Stone sufficiently terrifying in any role she plays, really. Including that character she plays that I affectionately refer to as “Sharon Stone.”

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Jacob

    No Halle you needed a better script, a better costume, better acting….oh just a better movie

  2. 50% of my Halle love stems from her acceptance of the Razzie. I caught a bit of the promo appearances for the movie. While I’m sure it was fun to make, it did not look good. I haven’t seen the movie. I can’t judge her critique of Sharon’s character. I didn’t even know Sharon was in the movie.

  3. Bunny

    Please Halle! Sharon’s crazy behind was the best part of the movie.

  4. FreakyZ

    HAHAHAAAA a hack like Halle Berry passing judgement on another actor. That’s funny!

    She should just concentrate on being a pretty mommy. She sucks as an actress.

  5. Khalid

    I agree with Halle, I always thought that the movie needed a stronger and better conceived villian. However I must say that the movie also needed a host of other things especially a better script and director. Halle’s potrayal was the only thing I marveled at and enjoyed.

    Also, i must correct the poster of this article. Halle is not refering to Sharon Stone with her comments, she is refering to the character itself. She is trying to say that it wasnt a well developed villian, not a fully realised character and not interesting and formidable enough villian for catwoman to face off. She is not refering to Sharon Stone or her portrayal of the character. So stop making out to seeem like Halle is dissing Sharon Stone herself!

  6. O

    Sharon Stone, the dirty big-mouthed narrow-minded sick bitch!

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