Halle Berry Talks about Her Tumultuous Upbringing, Looks Fantastic

That James Lipton will get the truth out of you, so beware, actors! When sitting down with the acting aficionado, Halle Berry found herself disclosing information about her childhood that revealed violence in her family’s past. Her father, who divorced from her mother when Halle was four, moved back in with Halle and her sister, six years after the divorce because their mother wanted the girls to have a father figure. Unfortunately, he probably wasn’t the best example for them to follow, as Halle told the story of how she saw him beating her sister and mother.

“The hard part for me was that he never abused me.

“I felt like a coward because I didn’t do anything and couldn’t do anything.”

Poor Halle. I hope she wasn’t having flashbacks here on the red carpet in these thumbnails below, as she ducked out of the way to avoid a rogue boom mike aiming for her head.

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More photos of Halle Berry attending the premiere for ‘Things We Lost In The Fire’ on day 9 of the 2nd Rome Film Festival are after the jump.

Photos: Getty Images

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