Halle Berry Thinks All Jewish People Have Big Noses

October 23rd, 2007 // 29 Comments

Halle Berry went on Jay Leno and was showing off photos she took of herself with Mac Photobooth. And in one of them, her nose was enlarged and she referred to the pic as “my Jewish cousin”. Cause that’ll fly. Dummy. She was just kidding, but for someone who’s always going on and on about her race and how it’s kept her back, blah blah blah…you’d think she’d have enough brains in her skull not to say something like that. Then again, she did once pull a hit-n-run which is the ultimate in rational thinking.

Halle Berry has apologized after allegedly making a Jewish joke – which was then edited out for broadcast – at a taping of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last Friday.

Berry was involved in a segment with Leno in which she showed computer-distorted photos of herself. According to the New York Post’s Page Six, Berry showed one image in which she had a large, distorted nose and said, “Here’s where I look like my Jewish cousin!”

When the program aired later that night, the word “Jewish” was cut, and a laugh track was inserted in its place.

After she made the remark, lantern-faced simpering freak Leno said “I’m glad you said it’ and Halle joked about how she’d just destroyed her career. If Teri Hatcher is catching shit for alluding to the untrustworthiness of Filipino medical schools, then yeah – probably. Maybe you can live in the same refridgerator box as Michael Richards.

By J. Harvey

  1. green cardigan

    Seriously, is making a remark like that considered offensive these days? It seems pretty harmless as remarks go. Every group has astereotype. Big beal. People are so eager to get up on their high horse now.

  2. Oh come on … can you imagine the RIOT if a JEWISH actress had gone on Leno and made a comment about anatomy sometimes associated with African-Americans??

  3. zelda

    Why do people get offended when a physical trait that is probably due to genetics is associated with a particular group of people who share those genetics? Granted, “Jewish” is not strictly a race but a religion, (don’t tell a Jewish person that though) but many Jewish people are from the same genetic roots. Nordic people are blonde with light eyes, Indians have dark skin and hair, East Asians have prominent epicanthal folds, Americans are lardasses, black races have thick lips, Irish are freckled…good lord, who fucking cares. Are we supposed to pretend we are all physically identical? People are ignorant shits.

  4. S_M_G

    US is so friggin PC and it is not genuine. Only blacks can call each other “niggas”, only jews can make jokes about their big noses, only white men can joke about being white etc.

    Let it go people. So much discrimination in this country and yet when someone makes an innocent joke everybody gangs up on them like they are the only ones saying it!

  5. S_M_G

    Oh and by the way noone should use the word nigga, it’s not making y’all cool.

  6. omar

    i think she forgot she got her nose done to look more white! where’s rev. al when you need him?

  7. Anne

    Halle should have said the picture resembled HERSELF pre-nose job.

  8. the truth is....

    Halle Berry, someone who feigns publicly approved attitude: 1-USED to be black (now only in movies, how convenient…) 2-Famously exploded at a London radio show host as he tried to breakdance joking “now I’m a big black guy” by shooting back “Oh No!!!We Have A Racist Here!!! making a WORLDWIDE fuss about and it acting like she got shot, 3-Has forever said she always dreamed as a kid of just taking a pill and becoming white to the point she needed psychiatric help ever since 9 years old, 4-Lamented longing to be a mom but hadn’t ’cause, we know; even in the good years with her gorgeous husbands, a Yankee player and a Grammy winner, they weren’t good enough to have kids with because 5_Her sperm bank threat (Meaning: wouldn’t UNTIL she find “perfect” Nordic genes, even a 10yrs younger she’d gladly support and promote). We all know she would have turned the world UPSIDE DOWN if someone made a joke about a big african american black nose!!! – And still the media finds reasons to workship this c*nt!

  9. Partially Pregnant

    All of this is PC pettiness gone haywire!

    For those not in the know, PC is politically correct.

  10. Marvin

    It wouldn’t be so bad except it was said by Halle Berry who is super sensitive about her race. If it was someone who was a little less high strung about race perhaps it would have went over a little better.

  11. gerard Vandenberg

    And almost all dutch-girls have BIG pussies and extremely hairy-toes!!

  12. Del

    Well, in the long run, nothing will happen. John Rocker was shredded for his comments (none of which were smart) yet, Charles Barkley, he said “I hate white people” after the 1993 NBA ALLSTAR game in Phoenix, AZ. He was hired by many a company as a spokesperson as well as landing TV jobs. I think he still has one.

    African Americans can make all the “JOKES” they want. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, it does not matter. I do not know why she is worried.

  13. Mary

    Her remark shows her ignorance.

    It is ironic that Barry has complained about racism/discrimination. In my eyes, her credibility just took a big hit.

    Perhaps she should share a room with Michael Richards and Mel Gibson.

    On the other hand, it is my understanding she apologized. . . . .

  14. Axeldee



  15. LaLa

    “All of this is PC pettiness gone haywire! For those not in the know, PC is politically correct.”

    Wow, thanks for clearing that up! I was trying to figure out what “Personal Computer” had to do with any of this.

  16. Zekers

    What ever happened to just plain consideration for others? I guess Halle never learned that you don’t say or do things to others that you don’t want said or done to you…yes Halle, it works BOTH ways.

    and I’m sick of PC…

  17. me

    God, lighten up, Francis

  18. T-Bone

    Her comment was just plain stupid. If I got punched in the lips and then went on live t.v. and said “GOSH now I look like my black cousin”, I’d be thrown off the air. And rightly so. You don’t say sh*t like that. Halle should know better.

  19. Mary

    It was reported that soon after the remark, Halle made a tearful apology claiming she didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings. I think she deserves another chance, even if she is dumb.

    I think if Halle is given another chance, she might grow from this experience.

  20. Del

    She said it, right? Well, then she said she was sorry, right? However, she did say to Jay recognizing her boo-boo, [B]“Oh no, have I ruined my career?”[/B] Leno assured her that she hadn’t.

    Why? Had she been “white”, she would have lost it if she said any such thing about African Americans. There is a one way street when it comes to PC. You may not like (or really understand) PC, yet, Imus, Richards, Rush and Kramer all found out that it is career ending for some (whites, that is) and that people like Jesse Jackson and Charles Barkley and now, Halle get a pass for making the same type of comments. Of course, since they were speaking about people other than African Americans, it was OK, just a joke. Much like the left when they attack our troops, they simply have to say it was a botched joke.

  21. Ace

    Hate when celebs are hypocrites. She’s not as racist as Kanye West though.

  22. TamTam


    Many of the white girls/guys out there now getting lip injections to “plump up” their lips or baking in the tanning salon for hours would NEVER admit they do it to look like their Black sistahs – even though it’s the truth!!! :)

  23. TamTam

    Oh, and Halle’s DUMB!

  24. Quran

    Do you people find it normal for her to say “Have I just ruined my whole career?” because she said that her big nose in that picture reminds her of a jew?
    Should she actually be worried about her acting career just because she made an innocent remark like that???
    FUCK jews & BITCH SLAP GAYS…FUCKING jews have made the whole world crazy – I’m gonna call ANYONE – ANYTHING – ANYTIME…Because I’m FREE.

  25. Black Pride

    She was only speaking the truth, jews have big noses and ears due to genetical basis. So that they can smell and hear their money when they count it.

  26. ZeldaF

    TamTam said:

    Many of the white girls/guys out there now getting lip injections to “plump up” their lips or baking in the tanning salon for hours would NEVER admit they do it to look like their Black sistahs – even though it’s the truth!!! :)


    Sorry Tam Tam. I know you’d like to believe that, but it’s ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE. Tanning by Caucasian women began in the 60′s when Jackie O returned from Greece with a tan. The “tan” signified that a woman was wealthy enouch to lie about in the sun all day, not having to work. Atd that time, of course, 100 years earlier, it was the opposite. Puffed up lips? Everyone knows that as the body ages, we lose the collagen in the lips. Puffing up the lips is meant to revisit our youth. Barbara Hershey first did it in “Beaches” with Bette Midler. THAT was the beginning of American women injecting with collagen. Sorry, your misdirected statement is exactly that, “misdirected”. Believe me.

  27. Flavia

    give me a break! that’s not racism!
    everyone makes that kind of comment once in a while…

  28. DEL

    [QUOTE=Flavia]Flavia said:
    “give me a break! that’s not racism!
    everyone makes that kind of comment once in a while…”

    Posted on October 25, 2007 08:15 AM[/QUOTE]

    You might be right. However, close your eyes, imagine if a White person (famous) said that about African Americans? Or said something about lips? Look at what happens to celebs who say anything about African Americans…John Rocker, Richards, Rush….now, look at African Americans who say something about whites….Charles Barkley (he received more work, sponsors and endorsements…Jesse Jackson, he has made millions since he said what he did. Now, here comes another one. Double standards. Ever notice why Blacks can say “BLACK POWER”, Hispanics can say “Brown Pride”? OK< open your eyes…. Imagine if a white person said “WHITE PRIDE” or wore a shirt that had “WHITE POWER”?

    PC? Heck, idiots like Bill Maher and Obama are trying to make it that if you wear an American Flag, you are a bad person.

  29. hcbeezy

    TOTALLY agree with del and zelda. black celebs can say they hate white people and nothing happens to them. but god forbid a white celeb say anything negative about blacks(even if unintentional) and they will not hear the end of it. its totally not fair and nowadays everything you say about a certain race is politically incorrect (if your white that is) and quite frankly its bullsh*t. jesse jackson is one of the biggest idiots and hypocrites there is! cuz hes black he could get away with saying anything about white people (and i cant think of one reason why he should hate any ALIVE white people we havent done anythng to him. another thing that ceases to amaze me is how our country elected a president who wont even put his hand over his heart or even ackowledge the pledge of allegiance. what kind of american is that? and tamtam im a white girl who tans and its not cuz i wanna be black. its cuz having tanner skin makes you look thinner and toned and i dont like being pasty. you sound conceited if you ask me

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