Halle Berry’s Nightmare Encounter With Paparazzi At LAX [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Halle Berry Looks Pissed
Who is she giving it to over the phone?
Halle Berry has photogs singing a vintage Lady Gaga tune “Chase you down until you love me Papa-paparazzi”– But the encounter that occurred last night, was anything but a sugar coated pop song. Berry and fiance Oliver Martinez were swarmed by an intense mob of photographers as they arrived at LAX airport in Los Angeles, California.

Halle’s young daughter, Nahla Aubry looked terribly frightened, which naturally brings out the crazy in Halle. Halle has no tolerance for paparazzi when daughter Nahla is around. She turned into a protective mother hen, lashing out at photographers who hounded the family as they exited making their way to a waiting SUV.

“It’s a child!” Berry is heard shouting in a video obtained by TMZ, “Get out of the way!” Check out the video after the jump.

The Berry Bunch was arriving back from vacationing in Hawaii for Easter holiday. The night turned horrific after such an angelic getaway. At one point Martinez even tries to retaliate against one photographer in the paparazzi gang by kicking, but is abruptly restrained by Berry.

The horror doesn’t end, the paparazzi even try peering into the car with their cameras as the SUV drives away. Halle has been vocal about paparazzi invasion, supporting a measure that would ban unauthorized photos of celebrity children. Check out the the gallery above to see them escape disturbia!