Halle Berry’s New Man Has A Temper

December 4th, 2010 // 1 Comment

Halle Berry and her hot new man Unfaithful star, Oliver Martinez lunched at Mirabelle on Sunset Boulevard where all seemed well. They didn’t act phased by the incident which occurred on their way into eat…

A photographer filed a police report claiming that Martinez became perturbed with the paparazzi swarming his vehicle then threatened and hurt the photag. Oliver allegedly backed into the car of one them before calmly zooming away. No big deal.

One can only speculate as to why Oliver exhibited such ill behavior. What we do know is that Halle likes him very much. Seen here, Halle Berry looks to be in a good mood as she leaves West Hollywood with her new boy toy Olivier Martinez on December 3rd. They’ve been looking very hot together for awhile now. And no one is complaining.

By Chelsi Archibald

  1. PAM

    Now you know she wants attention and she is washed up, he smells and she has a dry pu……………………ssy, and they say her breath smell. Along with nothing to her. Boring and the kid needs eye surgery and has autism we hear.

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