Halle Berry Using Paparazzi As Excuse To Move To France, Enjoys B-Day Dinner With BFF Salma Hayek

Halle's Bikini Body
Halle Berry and Nahla with Olivier and his family at the beach.
That Halle Berry is having a very difficult time of late.

The Oscar-winning actress has been in the woes of a custody battle with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry for pretty much the past year, and it’s showing no real signs of slowing down. Halle’s goal has been to move to France with daughter Nahla and super hot fiance, Olivier Martinez.

Now comes the brilliant part of Halle’s plan: the actress is going to use America’s aggressive paparazzi as a reason to move, citing that they’re ruining her life and the life of her daughter. According to TMZ, Halle has even called the photographer she flipped out on to testify that it’s his job to be aggressive. Who else has Halle got up her sleeve?

None other than BFF, Salma Hayek. TMZ reports Salma is apparently also going to testify that France is a much safer place for children because of the stricter paparazzi laws. And if anyone should know about living in France, it’s Salma. I still can’t believe she married Francois Henri Pinault, but that’s another story for another day.

Halle has recently been very vocal about how the paparazzi should leave children alone, so it should come as no surprise that this is the angle she’s going with. And more power to her!

Luckily Halle enjoyed her Wednesday night as she celebrated her 46th birthday with Olivier and Salma. What attractive people. Check out the photos in the gallery and stay tuned to see what happens next in the Berry/Aubry custody battle.