Halle Berry, Stacy Keibler, Matthew Morrison & More Look Fly At Revlon Run/Walk LA [PHOTOS]

Hot Stacy Keibler Pics
25 of the sexiest photos of Stacy Keibler.
Celebrities, celebrities, everywhere, showing off their breasts. 

Halle Berry, Stacy Keibler, Matthew Morrison and Mario Lopez were all pumped on Saturday (May 12) at Revlon’s Run/Walk LA. Celebs showed their support for the event, which helps raise money for women’s cancer research. 

Halle and Stacy were carrying around t-shirts that read, “I’m taking the girls out for a walk,” with a picture of a bra on it. Halle really got into the whole breast thing by grabbing and showing off her own. Who knew she had it in her?

Well, if she’s got it in her to lose her shit with the paparazzi (video below) the boob thing works. Also, is this Stacy’s first solo event? I think it is. It’s so exciting! It’s like the American equivalent of when Kate Middleton does events on her own. 

Also, Matthew Morrison is adorable. But what else is to be expected? Check out all the photos of the Run/Walk in the gallery. Any of you do the LA one this year? See any other fun celebrities?