Halle Berry Seeks Restraining Order Extension From Gabriel Aubry, Olivier Martinez Needs To Clean Up His Restaurant [PHOTOS]

Halle Berry In Marchesa
The Oscar winner at the 2011 Academy Awards.
Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez arrived home last night after a very eventful week.  Outside Berry’s house on November 22nd, Martinez and Gabriel Aubry got into it after Martinez said to the Canadian model, “we have to move on.”  Berry and Aubry are involved in a nasty court battle over custody of their four-year-old daughter, Nahla.

According to TMZ, Aubry tried to attack Martinez, but punched his shoulder instead.  Martinez then knocked out and pinned the model to the ground until the police came, and Aubry was charged with battery.  Berry was also able to get an emergency restraining order, which expires tomorrow (November 27th).

Berry’s lawyers will ask the judge to extend the restraining order indefinitely, which requires Aubry to stay 100 yards away Berry, Nahla and Martinez at all times. 

In not-so-related news, Martinez’s Miami eatery, Villa Azur violated a whole lotta health codes during a routine inspection.  Ew.

According to the Miami Herald (via NDTV Movies), the restaurant made all sorts of “critical” blunders:  “The violations included fish being served raw without undergoing parasite destruction, food being thawed in standing water, chopping boards being placed on the floor, food being stored on the floor and staff handling ready-to-eat food without sanitary gloves.”

Gah-ross.  Naturally a spokesperson for the restaurant claims that it passed inspection.