Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez And Their Matching Haircuts [PHOTOS]

Awww. Isn’t that just adorable?

Actress Halle Berry headed out with her beau Olivier Martinez for a lunch date at The Little Door in Los Angeles, California yesterday (July 14). Olivier just arrived back in town on the heels of Halle’s stalker troubles.

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Berry has been granted with a restraining order against a man by the name of Richard Franco who trespassed into her yard multiple times over the weekend and was finally caught on Monday by the police. Although Franco plead not guilty to the charges of felony stalking the judge has ordered him to stay 500-yards clear of the actress for the next three years.

Berry described feeling in ‘extreme danger’ in a written court statement.

She said: “I was immediately in fear as I saw this intruder in my yard coming towards me and I screamed “There’s a guy in my yard, Vincent, my manager, yelled out as he opened the door to get between me and the intruder, ‘What are you doing here?’ I felt in extreme danger at that moment.”