Halle Berry & Nahla Are One Happy Mother & Daughter Team

Halle Berry Looks Pissed
Who is she giving it to over the phone?
Halle's Engagement Ring
Halle Berry is spotted wearing her engagement ring.
Halle Berry, you need to stop being so pretty. Please. You’re making it awfully hard for the rest of us normal people to live a happy and fulfilling life. Same goes for you, Nahla. Although I’m OK with giving you a little leeway since you are only 4-years-old. Mama and daughter were spotted leaving school and looking adorable while doing it. 

Poor Nahla has been in the middle of quite the custody battle between Halle and Gabriel Aubry. Lucky for them, one part of the insanity has gone away. According to E!, the child endangerment investigation against Gabriel was just dropped, so now it’s all about the custody. I really hope they can make it work. 

Just look at how cute Nahla is. Girl can’t live her life in such turmoil. Luckily, mama’s boyfriend–possible fiance–Olivier Martinez is there to make it all better. Yay.