Halle Berry Gives Birth To A Baby Boy: Celebrity News Headlines In Six Clicks

Halle And Nahla Run Errands
Halle Berry makes a stop at CVS.
Halle's Bikini Body
Halle Berry and Nahla with Olivier and his family at the beach.
The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click!

Halle and Olivier Martinez welcomed their first child together (second child for Halle) yesterday in LA.

Daredevil Kayaker Ben Marr plunged at 34 mph down a drainage ditch into Lions Bay, British Columbia, and filmed it for the world to see. Don’t try this at home.

Jack Osbourne threw a baby wig and a pair of Ozzy’s signature glasses on his 16-month-old daughter, Pearl, and the results are strategically formulated to KILL ME DEAD. So cute!!!

Jude Law has a 16-year-old son, and few things make me feel older than that. Rafferty is his name. He looks just like his dad and his latest gig is modeling for Tiger of Sweden clothing. He stars in a short film as part of the company’s campaign.

This is a sad, sad story, friends, about people being mean to Fiona Apple, even though all she ever did was give us beautiful music. What happened was Fiona was doing a concert last night, being amazing, surely, and someone in the audience started being super mean.

In an interview with the UK Guardian, the 24-year-old Chris Brown opened up about losing his virginity at a really early age, his infamous beating incident with Rihanna and why he thinks his latest community service order is a “bitch.”