Halle Berry Gets Herself A Restraining Order

Halle Berry should be able to sleep a little easier at nights now knowing for a fact that her stalker has been taken care of. People reports that Richard Franco, the guy who was arrested after trying to get into Halle’s house three times, has been prohibited by the courts to be within 100 yards of Halle or her daughter Nahla, or any other family members really, for the next three years.

According to reports, Franco had tried to get into Halle’s home three different times, once she even saw him through her window. He just kept getting away, until on the third try police got him. That must truly be terrifying. Imagine you’re at home, enjoying a nice pint of coffee ice cream and bamb! Some weird dude is staring at you through a window.

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It’s a good thing that Halle has had new beau Olivier Martinez to take care of her in the times of trouble. Talk about a handsome couple. I mean, yah she and model Gabriel Aubry were no ugly two-some, but I’m digging her and Olivier. Plus, they have matching hair!

Halle celebrated (maybe?) news of the restraining order by having a lunch date with Nahla. Time have been tough for little Nahla, whose parents are currently in the midst of a custody battle, but mommy Halle and daddy Aubry don’t seem to let that get in the way. Aubry enjoyed his time with her recently, and Halle really enjoyed her at Nobu too. Check out the gallery to seem some super adorable pictures!