Halle Berry Frolics In A Bikini, Has A Fun Birthday

Now brace yourselves for what I’m about to tell you, Halle Berry turned 45 yesterday. Yes you read that correctly, 45. I want you all to look at the body. Look and appreciate, because let’s be totally real here, none of us will ever look that good at 45. In honor of this great occasion, Halle and friends took to the beach, where Halle showed off her perfect body in a super sexy peach bikini and colorful sarong.

Seeing Halle on the beach, no that wasn’t even the best part. Really the best part, and MailOnline will back me up on this, was the fact that Halle  suddenly borke out some girl-on-girl wresting beach action. Who exactly the woman she’s wrestling with is unknown. Doesn’t really matter though, still entertaining.

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Daughter Nahla looked pretty adorable in a long purple shirt. That girl has got some good genes taking care of her. Look at how hot mom is, and look at how hot dad is. She’ll be perfectly fine. Sadly, perfectly fine Olivier Martinez seemed absent from his new girlfriend’s beach day birthday. He might be the dude with the hat (pictures in the gallery), but dude with the hat doesn’t seem nearly hot enough.

Also! Did you know Halle has a tramp stamp? Yup. Check it out in the gallery. Halle was probably super happy knowing she didn’t have to worry about any crazy stalkers and could frolic in peace. Nice feeling. What do you guys think of 45-year-old Halle? Jealous of her perfection? Talk it out in the comments!