Half Naked And Sweaty, A Look At Celebs Fashionably Enjoying The Coachella Sun [PHOTOS]

Coachella 2012
Celebs enjoy day 1 of the music festival.
It’s that time again to get nasty sunburns and not give a [insert preferable word here.]

Coachella Weekend One is this weekend and if you’re like me, you’re crying because you won’t be there. If you will be there, well then, that’s lovely, I kind of don’t like you.

Okay, over it, love you again!

Not only does Coachella rake in thousands of people and uber cool bands, it is a mecca for celebrity hipsterdom and well, just celebrity partygoers in general. We normals get to gawk at our favorite celebs in a different habitat, letting loose but still being awesome.

They almost look normal themselves when dancing and roaming the grounds of Coachella except their makeup is in tact and their clothes might be three times more expensive.

A lot of famous Coachella-attending ladies choose to go boho chic or grungy. You know you’re at Coachella when you see flower headbands left and right. Hollywood Life was nice enough to publish a hair tutorial to get the Katy Perry and Vanessa Hudgens Coachella look.

I recommend this look for the second day when you’re not that dirty. Day three, definitely wear it up! Unless, you’re not doing the whole Woodstock dirty hippie camping thing.

As for you hunks, you can pretty much just walk around in underwear but please don’t. Joe Jonas looked pretty sexy by the end of the night in 2012, shirtless. Mmm! Robert Pattinson looked good in a cap, as usual, and Jared Leto is just pretty rad (as seen in the gallery.)

Check out the gallery to see some of your favorite celebrities having fun in the sun and to see Lindsay Lohan wearing Jeffrey Campbell Lita platforms. Girl be crazy yet…fascinating. How did her feet not fall off?

Who are you anticipating to see perform or snapped at Coachella?