Hair’s The Question Jennifer Lawrence!

September 10th, 2012 // Leave a Comment

Jennifer Lawrence used to be easily distinguished as the blonde bombshell from the hit action flick The Hunger Games. In recent times though Jen’s ‘do has taken a minor change of pace and jumped over to the dark side!

Jennifer is still as sexy as ever with her chocolate brown locks and lean mean fighting machine of a body! With this new ‘do she has men weak in the knees…As if they weren’t already!

Jennifer took advantage of the fact that one can have an alternative identity with just a quick dye, cut, or swift comb through! I am not fully on board with full blown identity shifts like Miley Cyrus choppin’ it all off or being daring like Katy Perry with an intense color change but I do appreciate Jen’s easy transformation!

So I want to know how you guys feel; are you on board with a little color change for some fall time fun or would you rather just keep it basic?!

By Micaela Olguin

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