H-O-T: Steve Jones Takes His Shirt Off On ‘Ellen’ [VIDEO]

The X-Factor host Steve Jones is positively delicious.  From his handsome face to his adorable Welsh accent, Jones is IT.  Though he was reportedly told by Simon Cowell to keep it in his pants while fulfilling his hosting duties (Jones is a bit of a ladies man), the former model has been having fun with his stateside fame.

Jones went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday, where he discussed with DeGeneres his hosting duties.  Being a former American Idol judge, DeGeneres understood the challenges that come with hosting such a reality show.  Jones takes direction from X Factor producers through an earpiece, and often times they’re yelling at him to speed things along (if not, the judges would talk for hours).

Now, onto more important things.  DeGeneres somehow got a photo from Jones’ early modeling day, which embarrassed him a bit.  However, Jones was a good sport.  “Where did you get that?” he asked.  “That’s on my bedroom wall,” Degeneres told him.

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THEN DeGeneres gave us a huge Christmas present.  She asked Jones to put on a tee promoting The X-Factor and Ellen, to which he graciously obliged.  Jones took off his own shirt (YES) and put on the deep v-neck tee to for all to see. Hurrah!