Gwyneth Stops Burning The American Flag Long Enough to Defend Lohan’s Crazy Ass


Sundance is a time for celebrities to come together and experience the good shit that the Park City, Utah coke dealers have to offer, attend a couple of films, just to go to the parties, get free swag, and give each other oral in the press. Paltrow read some kids a story, and took the opportunity to throw her two cents in by defending Lindsay Lohan’s recent dramatics.

“My prediction is that Lindsay Lohan, she’ll figure it out,” the Academy Award winning actress told Entertainment Tonight. “It’s really, really hard to be so young and so in the public eye and I think it’s very confusing.”

What the fuck did she have to figure out? You’re getting paid gigantic amounts of cash to stand in front of a camera and sorta convincingly recite lines. What’s to figure? What’s so confusing? How to avoid the coke cut with baby laxative and make damn sure you have a morning after pill ready? Good lord, these people have it way too easy. Work at a friggin’ McDonald’s for a week and then talk to me.