Gwyneth Paltrow Judgmental, Preachy

March 27th, 2007 // 22 Comments

So don’t drink then, bitch! Once again, Gwyneth Paltrow has something stank to say. She doesn’t like when women get drunk . Good lord, the only way people can get through your damn movies is by drinking. Except for when she played the head in the box. That was a hot role for her.

Gwyneth Paltrow thinks it is “inappropriate” for women to get drunk.

The actress, who is teetotal and follows a strict vegan macrobiotic diet, hates seeing girls intoxciated and thinks women should limit their alcohol intake.

Gwyneth said: “I think it’s gross! I really don’t like drunk women, it’s such a bad look. I think it’s completely inappropriate.”

Normally, I’m exceedingly liberal and when conservative hillbillies are all “if you don’t like it here, move” – I’m like, blow me. But Gwyenth brings out the redneck patriot in me. I want to deport her ass whenever she shows up on our shores. In her defense, the movie with Jude Law where she fought giant robots was ok only because I like giant robot fighting. And “Shakespeare in Love” wasn’t bad. But that’s only because Ben Affleck was hot back then, and in tights.


By J. Harvey

  1. I think it is inappropriate for a woman to hold herself up as fashionable when she looks like a damn fishstick, but that’s just me.

  2. mkithrt

    i hope she gets beer bottles hurled at her wherever she goes.

  3. Es

    Oh this is so unfair you guys totally took that quote out of context! What she said was,”Women getting drunk is so inappropriate but I love me some wasted fratboys encrusted in dry tequila and Dorito vomit, and deadbeat dads whos buttprints are forever engraved in their lazyboy chairs drinking Budweiser out of a beer hat,and let’s not forget the so-drunk-I’m-cross-eyed guy in the shiny shirt hitting on me at the clubs, mmm hot. . . drunk men are a turn-the-fuck-on!”

  4. Caroline

    Gwyneth, just shut up or DIE ALREADY.

  5. margaretta

    I guess some people are just born with a silver stick up their butt old chum

  6. MJK

    Fingers crossed that IF she ever gets another movie that it is THE KING O’FLOPS and this pasty bitch ends up eating from trash cans.

    J. Harvey…PRICELESS!! YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS! (although, i disagree about Shakespeare in Love…that movie was ALL ABOUT Joseph Fiennes!!!)

  7. mg

    That’s an old comment, and are you going to tell me she’s wrong after watching a “Girls Gone Wild” video? Makes a strong case for teetoling. (I merely agree with her, but then again I am on my 2nd glass of wine right now.)

  8. T

    A teetotaler? Wasn’t she just in the press saying that she and Madonna like to put her kids to bed and enjoy some wine? She needs to get her story straight.

  9. cadnwv

    I met her in the late 90′s when she was dating Ben Afleck. He was in my hometown filming a movie and I was an extra. She was rude, obnoxious, and whined constantly. She also looked quite high and did drink than I know for sure. She is also not very attractive close up! The wonders of film and makeup. UGH!

  10. Jai

    She’s not a teetotaler. She got the press all worked up in the US after being seen drinking a Guiness while 8 months pregnant. I was six months pregnant at the time and ran right out to have myself a “good for you” Guiness. I will always support Gywneth for that, really I will.

    Besides she’s right. I ought to know. I’ve seen pictures of me drunk. Really a bad look for me I think.

  11. Tonysgirl

    I guess you all just came from a AA meeting and are offended, because someone does not like drunk women…
    Honestly who does like drunk women or men?

  12. Lisa

    From a drunk woman…..we don’t think you’re too hot either Gwynnie.

  13. AlliBaba

    Does she use a vegan, macrobiotic hair dye?

  14. Tonysgirl…open that narrow little mind o’yours.

    I have no opinion on drunk people. What i do have an opinion on is an arrogant, washed-out, washed-up actress spouting bull-shit like people should give two flying f*cks what she thinks…


  15. cindy

    i actually agree with her, except when i’m drunk. other girls drunk is just gross. they’re ridiculous. me – i’m a cool drunk.

  16. mkithrt

    start the countdown till she’s in rehab…

    pride goeth before the fall… or something like that. i think… whatever.

  17. Austin

    It’s a lot more inappropriate to constantly judge everything and everyone, your majesty. You’re not so attractive either with that haystack on your head and that snooty expression on your face.

  18. jd49

    Is it wrong that I could care less what she says about Great Britain being better than the US, but get really offended when she attacks drunk women? What about drunk men?

  19. anna

    She’s made it clear in interviews not a tee-totaller and hasn’t followed a macrobiotic diet for years. So most of what has been written by the press is – surprise surprise – total cr*p.

    People just love to take anything she says out of context and turn it into something bad. She’s simply saying that totally wasted, blind drunk girls aren’t attractive and it’s not healthy… and lets face it, it’s true!

    I saw Gwyneth at Live8 in the UK and she was nothing but sweet, friendly and happy to chat to anyone who came up to her and her daughter. She wasn’t snooty or whiny in the slightest. In fact, she was really lovely and very naturally beautiful in the flesh.

    People – and the press – should give her a break!

  20. mandy

    Even tho she is usually a crotchety old snoot, I have to hand it to her here. Women who get drunk are gross. You know the kind I mean. The ones who are generally teen/college age, or are pretending to be. Being drunk is funny, cool, sexy etc…. “Booze it up! It is the only way to have fun!”

    Then they can wake up and ask, “Did I sleep with that guy? Did I puke on myself? When I went to the loo, did I get it all in there?”

    It’s like a club full of Anna Nicoles! Gag me.

  21. lulu

    When WOMEN get drunk? F’ing bitch – if she hates a drunk, she hates a drunk. Is it ladylike day or something? I hate when MEN get drunk. I need someone sober who can keep it up when I’m drunk and in the mood!!!!

  22. maureen

    Yeah, J, and of course you were drunk when you watched them

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