Gwyneth Paltrow Keeps Opening Her Mouth

The woman can’t seem to open her mouth without offending someone. While she’s trying to make amends for some insulting comments about the British, she manages to insult her fellow Americans at the same time.

Gwyneth Paltrow prefers living in London to Los Angeles, because British people are “more intelligent and civilised”.

The actress has been accused of turning her back on her adopted home in the past, after criticising London and the famously bad UK weather. But she insists she’d never leave the home she has made with husband Chris Martin and daughter Apple.

She says, “I love living in the UK! Brits are far more intelligent and civilised than Americans. “I love the fact that you can hail a taxi and just pick up the pram and put it in the back of the cab without collapsing it. “I love the parks. I love the zoo in Regents Park. “I love the places I go for dinner and stuff like that, and I love my friends. “It’s a pretty great city, you know.”

She says, “I really don’t think I’m stuck-up. And neither do the people who know me. “I can be picky and super-critical about things, and I have certain standards, but I certainly don’t look down on other people.”

Have you ever listened to yourself talk, Gwyneth?

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