Gwyneth Paltrow Keeps Opening Her Mouth

February 13th, 2006 // 37 Comments

The woman can’t seem to open her mouth without offending someone. While she’s trying to make amends for some insulting comments about the British, she manages to insult her fellow Americans at the same time.

Gwyneth Paltrow prefers living in London to Los Angeles, because British people are “more intelligent and civilised”.

The actress has been accused of turning her back on her adopted home in the past, after criticising London and the famously bad UK weather. But she insists she’d never leave the home she has made with husband Chris Martin and daughter Apple.

She says, “I love living in the UK! Brits are far more intelligent and civilised than Americans. “I love the fact that you can hail a taxi and just pick up the pram and put it in the back of the cab without collapsing it. “I love the parks. I love the zoo in Regents Park. “I love the places I go for dinner and stuff like that, and I love my friends. “It’s a pretty great city, you know.”

She says, “I really don’t think I’m stuck-up. And neither do the people who know me. “I can be picky and super-critical about things, and I have certain standards, but I certainly don’t look down on other people.”

Have you ever listened to yourself talk, Gwyneth?

Gwyneth Paltrow: ‘Brits Are More Intelligent Than Americans’ [FemaleFirst]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. “…but I certainly don’t look down on other people.”

    Uh…except Americans.

    Gwyn, baby – take a page from your mom’s book. If you can adopt just a little of Blythe Danner’s class, two continents will be grateful.

  2. vunn

    Gwyneth fucking Paltrow.Who gives a damn?

  3. patsy

    I live in Europe, have visited London many times and I don’t find british shop assistants, waitresses etc. any more polite than those in other european countries or in the US. And if I were to go on holiday to Spain, Greece or Turkey I’d rather not have British fellow holiday makers in the next hotel room. They drink far too much, and make a big mess of things. So what if the stand in line politley to catch a bus? When they are abroad, they often act like football hooligans!

  4. Dr. tia

    Gwen is entitiled to her own opinion. We have no idea what Gwen has been through so maybe London is a better choice for her. If raising her child in London is a better choice than LA then so be it. Give the girl a break.

  5. ThrillKill

    Gwyn is probably just living a dissatisfied life because she could be an A-list actress, but will never rise about Bminus-list (or B-list on a really really good day) and be married to a B-list musician (I like ColdPlay well enough, but honestly).

    She is (mentally) smart and talented, but she doesn’t have the personal charisma to weave the two together into real stardom. She’ll just be angry with what’s denied to her and keep on making stupid statements like this that just end up alienating people.

    That said, that’s a really good pic you used, Miu! I would do gladly give her mouth something to keep it occupied if she looked like that all the time.

  6. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    spoilt, pampered, hollywood brat – i cant abide the woman – and im British

  7. doofus

    yes, dr. tia, Gwyn is entitled to her opinion, and perhaps London is a better place for her to live and raise her children.

    however, insulting an entire nationality and then saying “I don’t look down on people” is a might bit contradictory.

  8. dur.

    It takes quite a bright person to make generalized comments about prams, taxis, and nationalities in a magazine.


    Oh please….. the world most borng actress marries the worlds most boring rock star…. So no surprise she makes the BORING comments!

  10. Small Fry

    I’m going to wait for her at LAX and pelt her with rotten eggs when she steps off the plane……..what a stupid twit! Talk about no class.

  11. mutterhals

    I hope some gnarly british thug shoves a foot up her ass…she needs to avail herself of the view that every where that isn’t America is super fantastic.

  12. kelly

    I didn’t think someone who only went to UCSB for a semester could use grown up words like “intelligent” and “civilised”. I’m impressed.

  13. moi.

    shes just trying to get attention. honey getting a british boy band frontman, having a fruit as a child and adopting a fake accent will not make you queen of entertainment industry.

  14. Brian

    She’s just filled with “love” isn’t she?

  15. fancypants

    Please Gwenie, stay in England. Never come back and only act in English movies so we do not have to suffer through your crappy movies, watch your subpar acting and buck teeth. You and Madonna can speak in your fake English accents and pretend how intelligent and classy you are.

  16. Carol Brady

    I don’t know how I survived all these years in stupid, uncivilised America. To think I could have moved to England and enjoyed the ease of not having to fold up my pram before riding in a taxi. Damn the American Revolution for making my American life pure misery. I am moving to the UK immediately. So long you uncultured, pram-folding swine. BTW what the hell is a pram?

  17. doofus

    “pram” is a snooty (and old-timers) word for a carriage or a stroller. (short for permabulator)

    I think they still use it over in the UK.

    I remain,
    An uncultured pram-folding swine.

  18. LISA

    I noticed that she was talking with a british accent at the Golden Globes, and mispronounced Anthony Hopkins name while giving him a award. She called him “Antony”. American people are good people and for her to say those things is just very disrespectful to her own countrymen. Ben and Brad you should be glad you didn’t end up with that old british hag.

  19. Laura Bush

    Dear Britain:

    Thank you for accepting Gwenyth Paltrow. As promised you may now send the United States fifty of your most hardened criminals and Posh Spice.

  20. Peter Andre

    Oh behave everyone! You all sound so bitter… life’s too short etc… haven’t we all said something stupid in our time? If everyone had their lives scrutinised every single hour of every single day and everything we said was written down and analysed, we’d all sound like morons too. Give the girl a break.

  21. elvindeath

    What a douchebag. If I ever see this piece of crap, I’m going to punch her right in her ovaries. Oh, and your movies suck you snaggle toothed skag.

  22. Silasdog

    Wherever she resides, she needs to have a roll of duct tape wrapped around her mouth. Hmmm, yeah, mummy-style would be nice now that I think about it.

  23. Sododd

    “I’m going to wait for her at LAX and pelt her with rotten eggs when she steps off the plane……..what a stupid twit! Talk about no class.” – Small Fry

    That’s a hilarious contradiction.

    As for Gwen, I’m British and I’m in NY currently people are different it depends on the area, this applies to the UK, US and everywhere. I hate when people like Depp, Paltrow and sadly even Rachel Weisz make comments like these. They make millions off Americans, then sod then off. I like the UK better but I’m not gonna trash American doing it, it’s not classy.

  24. fancypants

    Thank you my friendly neighbor From across the Atlantic. I agree, these stars make a fortune off our asses. And we all prefer to live in cities, towns, countries that we enjoy. And it is so great to travel other countries and break out of that one general idea about society.

    Most celebrities and some wealthy/socialites are such idiots, that is why I love to make fun of them (doesn’t say much about me, huh?), because they do not live in the real world, they do not interact with real people. They live in big cities and hang out with those in the same industry or lifestyle, then make these generalizations about people. Manners in all countries have diminished some, but sadly the times they are a changing.

  25. Gorgeous Gwyneth

    I am not trying to upset anyone on here or anything, but I’m sick of people picking on poor Gwyneth.
    Firstly, she’s an incredibly talented actress and I wouldn’t say a B list at all.
    Secondly, how do we really know if she said this and even if she did, she’s entitled to her own opinion. I just don’t understand why everyone hates her so much. She comes across as really lovely I think.

  26. Apple Sho is One Ugly Chile

    Here’s the sweet revenge in the end, Gwyneth has one of the ugliest celebrity daughters ever! Apple looks like Miss Potato Head. She looks like Chucky’s Bride. So we may be dumb in America but our kids and fruits are cuter. HAHAHAHA!

  27. ellen

    waaa poor gwynnie pig. oink oink

  28. Grace

    Hahaha I’m glad she said something about Americans. You have to admit, Americans make up a good majority of the cockiest, dumbest people on the planet.

  29. fifie

    She loves the zoo in Regents Park. Good!
    Go to the zoo Gwyneth, and do not come back.

  30. ali

    I dont understand why anyone even cares what she has to say. If that’s her opinion, fine. It doesn’t offend me. So many quotes are taken out of context anyway.

  31. piercedink

    I live in the UK. Gwyneth is not doing us any favours. Nor Madonna. They can both take their egotistical bums back across the pond where they came from and take their fake accents with them. What a joke. It’s not as if the entire world doesn’t know they’re NOT British. They just look and sound like the fools they are. If I had the choice of hanging with a chav or one of them, I’d take the chav.

  32. dodah1

    Well she is right that the Brits are smarter, but what’s with the arrogance?

  33. Martha


  34. Lola

    As far as fishstick leaving the USA – good riddance. She is
    so damn annoying now that she is all Brit and all.
    What an idiot – she wishes she had one ounce of her
    mom’s class. And as for being married to Chris Martin – big woo.
    Coldplay is U2 Lite – boring!

  35. Ayrshiree

    I don’t know what Gwyneth Paltrow is all about. Madonna too for that matter. When they are in the states, they speak American. When they are in the UK, they speak English (British)

    Madonna has had her day. She needs to get on with being a mature woman and cut out the prancing around the world’s stages like she is still 21.
    (Little does she know that people are sniggering behind her back)

    I have always thought that she looks down her nose at everyone anyway! It’s like she thinks she should be Princess Madonna. Nothing, but nothing is ever further from the bloody truth!

    Those days are long gone, Madge.

    Gwyneth on the other hand, hangs onto Madonna’s skirts and cone like bra tops like she is 14 years old!
    So, she made a few crappy movies and she is married to a totally crappy singer, so, why does she think that it’s better to live in the UK?

    I am from the UK and let me tell you that they are so small minded at times, that the best thing I did in 1997 was move here to the states.
    Don’t get me wrong. I love my country, which is Scotland, but, I really feel that they don’t want to get out there – and get a bloody life!

    The English, on the other hand, STILL think that they OWN the whole planet and what they say goes.

    Well, it ain’t that way at all – and Gwyneth will want to run back to the US, with her tail between her legs when her silly, crappy hubby starts cheating on her…it’s only a matter of time.

  36. graciouskamikaze

    Here is a woman who needs to get over herself, and reporters either have to stop putting the mic in front of her or do so with the warning label that its so that they can poke fun at her.

    She’s tried hard over the years to develop an image of herself as an aristocrat, a true artiste, a child of Hollywood, a rock star Muse, and now perfect Mother. She is someone who sucks the life out of a room. What she lacks in talent she more than compensates with attitude and fashion fucking.

    Consider, she never went to college; she got her claim to fame through star fucking–first Brad pitt and then Ben Affleck, and then, to fulfill the ‘perfect’ hollywood starlet image, marrying an upcoming rock star who happens to get increasingly annoying–must be the GP factor– yet through it all she insists that she is smarter than the rest of the hollywood starlets because she came from a ‘good family.’ She is the only hollywood actor I know who insists the public recognize her birthright to stardom by virtue of her family (do you see kate Hudson do that, the Sheen brothers? michael douglas? or any number of actors who are following in the footsteps of their parents? NO! Most of the ones with true talent try to downplay that. Not GP. She also shoves in the public’s face her priviledged upbring–a tic that can only come from very deepseated insecurites about her own creative talents. Lots, lots of actors come from money. Geena Davis is a member of Mensa, Meryl Streep graduated from the Yale Drama school, Drew Barrymore has enomrous wealth from her family–do you see them preening about it with some malicious satisfaction.

    GP would simpoy be boring if she didn’t know how to use the press to keep her name out there. not an interesting actor, and not a generous actor, and one who knows little about other people, and cares less. The fairytale she keeps trying to serve up to the public is so depressing, so boring, and so bad for the brain. She either needs to just go away for good (London’s not far enough) or acccpet a new role as a Kathy griffith type–someone people love to hate–someone shamelessly into her gross, cold self.

  37. Moro

    I can’t belief all the shit you people stir up and get stirred up about…
    Are you all sitting in your boring jobs without anything better to do than to get so wound up over anyone else, it is only GP and you all show that you are actually much more thick than she is to show that you are so offended by aht she has to say nevermind her exsitance…
    you all should get a life, atleast try!

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