Gwyneth Paltrow Had a Tummy Ache

Gwyneth Paltrow is out of the hospital and it sounds like her medical emergency was of a “gastrointestinal” nature, as reported by her chef friend, Mario Batali. After being mysteriously hospitalized at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital early this week, Batali reports that the actress is now doing “great,” and that her medical issue was “straightened out,” in contrast to reports that her visit was related to complications with a pregnancy.

It’s a good thing too, since she’s got plans to head out to Spain to film her PBS cooking show. This is one of those cases where I wonder if it simply wasn’t really horrible diarrhea and, being famous, Gwyneth was just too embarrassed to say. Celebrities will admit to drug problems, sleeping with prostitutes, and to being in sex-tapes, but I’ve yet to hear someone cop to diarrhea. I really hope it was diarrhea. Is that wrong?