Gwyneth Paltrow’s Marriage is Fine, Thanks

November 29th, 2007 // 8 Comments

Even though she often annoys me with her random public statements, I have to admit that Gwyneth Paltrow looks great in these pictures on the set of her film, “Two Lovers.” I imagine that it’s the look that Ann Coulter’s shooting for, but is never quite able to achieve. And these pictures of her are smashing, but it feels like we never see Gwyneth with her hubby out and about–in fact, it’s probably been months since Chris Martin and his wife were photographed together. Despite rumors that there’s trouble brewing in their marriage, Paltrow’s rep claims that the two are just fine and spending lots of time together, but simply go out of their way to avoid having their picture taken together. Oh, OK. I don’t really get it, but whatever works for them, I guess. I mean, we’re going to speculate either way.

Photos: Splash

More photos of Gwyneth on the set of “Two Lovers” after the jump.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Zekers

    I disagree Lisa, I think she looks worn out and bitchy.

  2. Belinda

    I have to agree with the above poster. I don’t think she looks good at all. I have nothing against Gwyneth but she looks old and very stressed out. And I don’t believe that her marriage is doing well.

  3. Kathy

    Rubbish. She probably looks as you describe for her role in the film…DUH!!! You base your assumptions about her marriage on what you read in the rags. That says a lot about who you are as a person–easily fooled.

  4. jbonz

    Well, y’know marriage is a sacred bond in traditional African cultures such as the one Gwyneth was raised in, her being an African who is proud of her heritage as a citizen of Africa just like all other Africans.

  5. stans

    That stringy hair is so unflattering. It just makes her face look sooooo long and tired. By the way, how is she able to continue making movies? Everyone I know will actually avoid seeing a film if she is in it. She’s box office poison.

  6. canuckistani

    Didn’t Stephen Huvane say the same thing about his other client’s marriage–Jennifer Aniston???

  7. Granger

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I just don’t understand how not being photographed together keeps their relationship any more private. It’s only a picture! We’re not examining the contents of their bedside tables or listening to their dinnertime conversation, for pete’s sake. It makes absolutely no sense to me. Especially when the fact that they’re NEVER photographed together keeps bringing up the rumours that their marriage is on the rocks. On the other hand, seeing them together every now and then would probably keep the gossip hounds at bay.

  8. Kendra

    she’s annoying in interviews–a rich america-hating snob who thinks she’s too good. and these pictures are unflattering like many others captured. chris martin is far more talented.

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