Gwyneth and Beyonce New BFF’s

From Starpulse Blog:

Gwyneth Paltrow has struck up a close friendship with Beyoncé Knowles after she and husband Chris Martin joined the R&B star’s boyfriend Jay-Z on stage for a performance. The actress and Knowles’ partners are work colleagues and friends and introduced the two women. Earlier this week, the pair spent hours shopping in Knightsbridge, London together, before a night of dining at Japanese eaterie Zuma and dancing at nightclub Movida. Coldplay frontman Martin collaborated with Jay-Z on his new album Kingdom Come, and performed an untitled new song from the album on stage at the British capital’s Royal Albert Hall last night.

Um, no thank you.

So help me God, I’m going to be furious if Gwyneth manages to suck the interesting out of Beyonce. If we end up with a bad-postured, anti-American, faux-British sounding shell of the formerly bootylicious pop diva, somebody’s going to get a boot up the ass. And no Gwyneth, I do not mean the trunk of a car.

Written by Lisa Timmons

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