Gwyneth Paltrow Needed Robert Downey Jr’s Advice

In order to tap into a darker side of herself for Country Strong, Gwyneth Paltrow admitted that she turned to Robert Downey Jr. for help in getting to that place.

Well, if anyone knows a thing or two about having demons, it’d be him. She told MTV News, “I think we all have darkness, don’t we? I certainly do. I’ve been through a lot. I know people who have been through a lot and there’s always a lot to draw from.”

“[I reached out to him] because I understood addiction, I used to be very addicted to cigarettes. I understood that, ‘This is bad for me. My father has throat cancer, but I’m going to smoke this,’ but I couldn’t understand in terms of wrecking other people’s lives in your wake and just being so altered and so drunk or on pills that you embarrass yourself and you wreck people’s lives and you cheat on people. All that stuff … it was a whole other level.”

Gwyneth finished by saying, “He really helped me understand how you get there. He wrote me this amazing e-mail. I was like, ‘OK, I get it now.'”