Gwyneth Paltrow Is Yet Another Celebrity To Jump On The Oil-Pulling Bandwagon

March 25th, 2014 // Leave a Comment

Honestly, I had never heard of oil-pulling before. I’ve been exposed to a lot of crazy health and beauty routines, but until Shailene Woodley started talking about it I was in the dark. Now it seems Gwyneth Paltrow has started oil-pulling too. So much to keep up with.

Gwyneth recently became the new face of a skincare line called Restorsea, and now seems to be taking her overall health a little more seriously. Honestly, it sounds way too complicated to be a celebrity. All those crazy beauty and health routines – when do they find the time?

Her beauty routines are a tad more simple than her health ones though. Gwyneth takes a minimalist view. “It’s very minimal. After I drop my kids, I always exercise and then I take a shower and I basically just put on moisturizer—and that’s kind of it. If I have a meeting or something I’ll put on some mascara, but that’s as far as I go.”

Gwyneth is also big on water. She recently posted an Instagram photo of herself with a giant jug of it, saying, “full of healing power. #iLoveWater #WorldWaterday”

Besides water though, her health routines seem a little more complicated, like the oil-pulling thing. “I use coconut oil a lot I do on my face, on my skin and in my cooking. And I just started ‘oil puling,’which is when you swish coconut oil around [in your mouth] for 20 minutes, and it’s supposed to be great for oral health and making your teeth white.”

You’d think just brushing and flossing would be fine, but the technique apparently has great skin benefits too. “It’s supposed to clear up your skin, as well. It’s really interesting; it’s an ancient, ancient technique. I read about it on the Internet.”

Oh, the things we can find on the internet. Maybe that’s where Shailene got the idea too. If Gwyneth is anything like her, next thing we know she’ll be eating clay as well. But hey, at least they’re all healthy?

By Caitlin Anders

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