Gwyneth Paltrow Has Your Spring Wardrobe All Picked Out. Got $18,000?

Bless Gwyneth Paltrow’s privileged heart.  If you’re on her GOOP mailing list, then you probably received today’s email stuffed with all sorts of great looks.  What’s that, you say?  You’d rather pay rent than spend $1840 on that delicious Stella McCartney cream blazer?

What Paltrow failed to include in the pretty pictures were the insane prices of her Net-A-Porter looks.  Sure, the Glee star has fantastic taste and we’d simply love to copy her looks.  Alas, we were born with plastic spoons in our mouths, so a $90 tank top isn’t exactly what we were hoping to splurge on.

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Us Magazine did some digging on Net-A-Porter, the site GOOP teamed up with, and discovered that Paltrow’ spring picks total $18,301.  Yes,  A $785 Stella McCartney tank dress (which Paltrow could just get gratis from her fashion designer pal), $525 Christian Louboutin sandals and a $360 Mallarino bracelet would look superb together.  Too bad you’d be dressing up to enjoy Ramen noodles on your couch ’cause you so broke.

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Thanks for the tips, Gwynnie.  We’ll take this email to H&M and see what we come up with.  Still, we love your style.  Totes digging your plane outfit at Heathrow airport on May 5th.