Gwyneth Paltrow & Apple Martin Hop On A Vespa

Gwyneth's Plunge
Gwyneth Paltrow gets sexy on the red carpet.
Apple Martin enjoyed some mommy and me time with mother Gwyneth Paltrow earlier today (August 20, 2013) when they stopped by Jack’s Coffee in East Hampton, New York. Wow, Apple is growing up fast!

Gwyneth was seen chatting with a friend while their kids played together before taking off on her red Vespa scooter.

This past weekend, Paltrow and hubby Chris Martin enjoyed a low-key lunch at the casual, laid-back Joni’s Kitchen in Montauk. 

According to a fellow diner, “They seemed like a normal group of couples enjoying Joni’s,” said a fellow diner, adding that Paltrow was “naturally-looking and beautiful,” and appeared to be makeup-free.

It was the weekend after all, so that’s when Gwyneth tends to put her vanity in check.

Check out how grown up Apple looks, and if Gwyneth can pull off flip-flops by launching the gallery!

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