Gwen Stefani To Bring “American Idol” Sweet Ratings


The battle lines between the reality television powerhouses, “Dancing with the Stars” and “American Idol” have been drawn. The ABC dancing competition program has made a point of avoiding direct competition with the well-established Fox talent-search phenomenon by steering clear of Idol’s time slot. However, it seems that the bountiful ratings enjoyed by ABC has caused Fox to go on the offensive. Tuesday’s episode of AI will be seven minutes longer than originally planned “to accommodate all 10 live performances,” one of which includes pop-star Gwen Stefani. Sabotage, anyone? Reality TV World seems to think so.

On Thursday, The Washington Post reported that the rest of the television industry isn’t buying Fox’s explanation for the Idol broadcast’s sudden expansion and considers the scheduling change to be a “kill-it-in-the-cradle school” counter programming strategy.

Who cares? I love it when the networks are busy fighting over me. It makes me feel loved and wanted. Also, I HEART Gwen and and quite frankly, that’s where my loyalty resides.

More photos of Gwen Stefani with Kingston after the jump.