Gwen Stefani & The Rossdale Boys Return To London

Stylish jet-setting couple, Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani, have taken their brood from the No Doubt singer’s sunshine state of California to Rossdale’s native England.

As these little ones get older, it is becoming increasingly more obvious that blond, little Zuma Rossdale is the spitting image of his fair-haired mother and that trendy Kingston Rossdale is a mini-me of dad, Gavin.

With Gwen pushing her little ones in a side-by-side stroller on their way to the family’s home in Primrose Hill in London, it’s clear how the bulk of Gwen’s calories are getting burned.

Gallery Info: Gwen Stefani
and husband, Gavin Rossdale arrive with their two sons, Kingston and Zuma Rossdale, at their London home in Primrose Hill.