Gwen Stefani Prepares For New Role

Since it looks like she’s got the motherhood thing down pretty well, Gwen Stefani is in talks to star in her second film. She is in talks to play the lead in the Tennesse Williams screenplay Baby Doll. This would be a much more substantial role than that of Jean Harlow in The Aviator.

The film, originally made in 1956 starring Carroll Baker and Karl Malden, features a gorgeous young woman who promises her failed businessman husband that their marriage will be consummated a year from their nuptials, according to film website

The husband, who is desperate to bed his wife, and dying to get his business going again, decides to burn down the plant of this arch-rival.

After his plant is burned down, his rival has to use the husband’s plant to producer cotton, but things start to go awry when he meets Baby Doll.

Stefani Researches Second Film Role [Teen Hollywood]

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