Gwen Stefani Pregnant With Third Child?

May 12th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

While Courtney Love was reminiscing about the days when she saw Gavin Rossdale naked, he and wife Gwen Stefani were busy in real life making a baby. Maybe.

OK! Magazine is reporting that the singer/designer is pregnant and has been photographed wearing a Sea-Band bracelet to deal with the morning sickness, though I haven’t unearthed these pictures.

“Gwen is having a really rough time this pregnancy,” said an insider. “She had all-day morning sickness for a while with Zuma, but she’s sicker this go-round and has been feeling exhausted and dizzy.”

She looks okay without a bracelet at a kid’s birthday party on Saturday (May 8). She is wearing a super large shirt with a kid always in front of her stomach and her face looks a little fuller in some pictures. On the other hand, when she was photographed only a few days earlier I thought she’d never looked skinnier. WENN reports that when they approached her rep they got a “no comment” instead of a denial. Hmmmm…

While we wait this rumor out for a confirmation, check out the unbelievably adorable day that Gwen had with her Bat boys, sliding, hitting a pinata, getting face paint, and the mom even checking out what it would be like to hold a little baby girl. Double hmmmm…

By Madison Ventura

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