Gwen Stefani Chills With Gal Pals & Attends Gaga Concert

Its amazing what a little red lipstick and a pair of good heals will do for you. Gwen Stefani has never been the cutest girl on the planet in my opinion. Remember that time she had braces back in the day? Yikes! Daily Mail reports that this girl was working it when she went out with gal pals! Showing up to dinner and a Lady Gaga concert with friends in Los Angeles on August 12th, I’ll bet her girls wish they could compete with this hot bitch.

She looked amazing as usual in her black dress, thigh high boots and gorgeous blonde hair. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved Gwen and I’m totally psyched that she is putting out a new album, but its like as soon as she snagged Gavin Rossdale and starting giving birth to his adorable spawn, this girl has been nothing but glamor. I find myself ogling at all their adorable family outings.

Haters gonna hate. But Gwen has got it going on!